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Author Topic: SFML releases  (Read 36591 times)

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SFML releases
« on: September 14, 2007, 03:02:41 pm »
SFML 1.1 is available

- Added : the Mac OSX port from Brad Leffler
- Added : the Ruby binding from Sean O'Neil
- Added : namespaces (now the SFML classes and functions are inside the sf namespace)
- Added : unicode support for String
- Added : a new sample (pong)
- Added : support for antialiasing
- Added : support for mouse wheel (Event::MouseWheelMoved)
- Added : more control over drawables size (added Sprite::Resize and made X and Y scales independant)
- Added : Window::SetPosition and RenderWindow::SetPosition
- Added : Window::SetFramerateLimit and RenderWindow::SetFramerateLimit
- Added : a "style" parameter to replace the "fullscreen" one on window creation, to have more control over the window style
- Added : GetDepthBits and GetStencilBits functions into RenderWindow
- Added : an optional target alpha value for Image::CreateMaskFromColor
- Added : the Key::Pause key

- Improved : the PostFX sample (now displays an error message if post-effects are not supported)

- Fixed : the bad behaviors with the mouse cursor in Windows
- Fixed : crashes on audio samples exit
- Fixed : images are no more flipped when saved to a file
- Fixed : SFML/Window.hpp now includes OpenGLCaps.hpp and glew.h
- Fixed : CMake files, Linux Makefiles and Code::Blocks project files

- Removed : an external dependency with GLEW in Linux
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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SFML releases
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2007, 10:47:04 am »

SFML 1.1 has been updated to fix some major bugs

- Added : + and * operators to add and modulate Color instances
- Added : ability to get a std::string from a String object

- Fixed : Sprite::GetPixel now takes the scale and the overall color into account
- Fixed : String doesn't crash anymore in MinGW
- Fixed : the error loop when using the Window package in Linux
- Fixed : bugs with window syles in some Linux systems
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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SFML releases
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2008, 04:57:42 pm »
SFML 1.2 is available

WINDOW : Fixed windows not updating their size properly on Linux
WINDOW : Fixed a crash with the mouse wheel in Linux
WINDOW : Removed the KeyReleased event auto-repeat in Linux
WINDOW : Added more axis and buttons for joysticks
WINDOW : Added handling of two more buttons for mouse
WINDOW : Improved flexibility of window styles
WINDOW : Added the sf::Window::Show function to show or hide a SFML window
WINDOW : Added the sf::Window::SetCursorPosition function to warp the mouse cursor to a given position
WINDOW : Fixed GLU issues with MinGW
WINDOW : Added the control, shift and alt keys for the KeyPressed and KeyReleased events
WINDOW : Fixed a bug with events in Linux ; sf::Window instances can now be re-created correctly

GRAPHICS : Fixed memory leaks in font loading
GRAPHICS : Added checking of maximum texture size when creating a sf::Image
GRAPHICS : Improved text rendering, especially small characters
GRAPHICS : Removed the looping error message when failed to load a font
GRAPHICS : Removed sf::Image::Update, images are now updated automatically when needed
GRAPHICS : Made color representations more consistent (all is RGBA, and no more Uint32 manipulations)
GRAPHICS : Added SetBlendMode function to sf::Drawable classes (can choose Alpha, Add, Multiply or None)
GRAPHICS : Added SetPosition, SetScaleX and SetScaleY functions to sf::Drawable classes
GRAPHICS : Added the ability to flip sprites on X and Y axis
GRAPHICS : Added the ability to create flipped and/or mirrored views
GRAPHICS : Got rid of DevIL and zlib
GRAPHICS : Improved the integration of OpenGL functions into SFML rendering
GRAPHICS : FreeType is now linked statically in Windows (no more need for the DLL)

AUDIO : Added the sf::Listener class to control the audio listener properties
AUDIO : Fixed a bug with wrong OGG musics duration
AUDIO : Got rid of libvorbis, libvorbisfile and libogg

NETWORK   : Fixed crash when sending an empty packet
NETWORK   : Added non-blocking mode for sockets
NETWORK   : Improved safety of data reading from packets
NETWORK   : Improved management of sockets state
NETWORK   : Added Bind and Unbind functions to UDP sockets
NETWORK   : Fixed sf::IPAddress::GetPublicAddress which failed sometimes

GENERAL   : Added a Python binding (PySFML)
GENERAL   : Added a C wrapper for SFML
GENERAL   : SFML libraries are now compatible with Win 95/98/Me
GENERAL   : Added Visual C++ 2008 project files and compiled binaries
GENERAL   : Added functions to load images and sounds from files in memory
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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SFML releases
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2008, 06:58:04 am »
SFML 1.3 is available

SYSTEM : Added vector classes (Vector2 and Vector3)

WINDOW : Fixed bug when destroying a window and then creating a new one
WINDOW : Made event handling independant from display in sf::Window
WINDOW : Replaced sf::Window::SetCurrent with sf::Window::SetActive(bool)
WINDOW : Input states are now reseted in sf::Input when a window loses the focus
WINDOW : Fixed windows not closed after their sf::Window instance was destroyed (in Linux)
WINDOW : Implemented the TextEntered event in Linux
WINDOW : Added sf::Window::Close and sf::Window::IsOpened
WINDOW : Added some missing key codes to the sf::Key::Code enumeration
WINDOW : Added the sf::Style::None window style, and replaced sf::Style::NoStyle with sf::Style::Titlebar
WINDOW : Fixed a bug with joysticks in Windows
WINDOW : Added a function to enable / disable automatic key-repeat for keypress events
WINDOW : sf::Window::SetCursorPosition no longer generates a MouseMoved event
WINDOW : Added more options when creating a window (to have more control on OpenGL context settings)

GRAPHICS : Fixed sf::RenderWindow::Capture returning a flipped image and/or crashing
GRAPHICS : Fixed viewport issue when using custom OpenGL calls
GRAPHICS : Changed the sf::Drawable center of rotation to be the center of translation and scaling as well
GRAPHICS : Fixed bug with sf::String scale and size
GRAPHICS : Fixed bug when checking the size of a new image
GRAPHICS : Fixed a bug with background color when running more than one RenderWindow at the same time
GRAPHICS : Improved the font interface / management (there's now a sf::Font class)
GRAPHICS : Added styles to sf::String (bold / italic / underline)
GRAPHICS : Added loading from memory for character fonts
GRAPHICS : Added a class to draw simple shapes (sf::Shape)
GRAPHICS : Fixed pixel accuracy with non-smoothed images
GRAPHICS : RenderWindow::Draw can now be called in cascade to allow hierarchies of Drawable objects
GRAPHICS : Improved sf::View to make it more convenient and flexible
GRAPHICS : Fixed PNG loading failing on 64 bits systems

AUDIO : SFML is now using OpenAL-Soft as the OpenAL implementation, which is more stable on Linux
AUDIO : Added SetMinDistance and SetAttenuation for Sound and Music classes
AUDIO : Fixed wrong duration with ogg sounds and other formats musics
AUDIO : Fixed failure to save a sound buffer to a file

NETWORK : Added handling of wide strings (std::wstring, const wchar_t*) to sf::Packet
NETWORK : Fixed sockets sometimes receiving too much packet data
NETWORK : Incomplete packets are now received properly in non-blocking mode
NETWORK : Improved the interface of sf::Selector (GetSocketsReady is now replaced with Wait + GetSocketReady)
NETWORK : Rewrote sf::Selector class to remove explicit dependency to winsock library on Windows
NETWORK : Made insertions into packets faster

GENERAL : Added static build on Linux
GENERAL : Fixed runtime errors with VC++ 2008 libraries
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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SFML releases
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2009, 06:14:18 pm »
SFML 1.4 is available

SYSTEM : Improved unicode support

WINDOW : Now using signed integers for mouse coordinates to allow negative values
WINDOW : Fixed sf::Window::EnableKeyRepeat under Linux
WINDOW : Added cursor position in mouse events
WINDOW : Added sf::Window::SetIcon function
WINDOW : Added mouse enter / mouse leave window events
WINDOW : Added sf::Window::SetSize
WINDOW : Fixed X11 sample (broken rendering on the first window)

GRAPHICS : Added functions to copy images onto other images
GRAPHICS : Added an option to have sf::Image instances not storing their pixels in memory
GRAPHICS : Made SFML classes completely thread-safe regarding OpenGL calls
GRAPHICS : Added sf::String::GetCharacterPos to get visual position of a string's character
GRAPHICS : Added functions to convert from and to drawables' local coordinates
GRAPHICS : Added more functions to access sf::Font's contents
GRAPHICS : Fixed sf::Sprite::GetPixel not taking flip x/y in account
GRAPHICS : Added more accessors for sf::Shape points' attributes
GRAPHICS : Optimized font's textures
GRAPHICS : Fixed sf::Matrix3 calculations

AUDIO : Added GetLoop, SetLoop and GetPlayingPosition to sounds streams
AUDIO : Removed dependency to the Visual C++ CRT in OpenAL32.dll
AUDIO : Fixed sf::SoundBufferRecorder which couldn't be reused several times
AUDIO : Added seeking function to sf::Sound
AUDIO : Fixed music clics under Linux

NETWORK : Fixed sf::Packet::OnSend called multiple times if packet was sent more than once
NETWORK : Added a function to check end of packet
NETWORK : Fixed inconsistent socket initialization
NETWORK : Fixed crash when using empty strings with packets
NETWORK : Disabled Naggle algorithm (buffering) in TCP sockets
NETWORK : Added HTTP and FTP classes
NETWORK : Added conversions from and to integer for IP address

GENERAL : Added debug symbols to debug builds in Code::Blocks
GENERAL : Added .Net binding
GENERAL : Improved management of dependant resources
GENERAL : Now using full unicode instead of UCS-2 for all text-related events and strings
GENERAL : Added minor version number to libraries names under Linux
GENERAL : Added install path to Linux makefiles

WEBSITE : Added a list of the SFML makefiles options to the Linux tutorial
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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SFML releases
« Reply #5 on: June 04, 2009, 10:39:21 am »
SFML 1.5 is available

SYSTEM : Fixed bug with std::locale on Mac OS X
SYSTEM : The working directory is now initialized properly at startup on Mac OS X

WINDOW : Fixed application frozen if a USB joystick was plugged, on Windows
WINDOW : Fixed joysticks sometimes not working at all on Vista
WINDOW : Updated the Qt sample and tutorial to work with Qt 4.5
WINDOW : Added missing VideoMode functions to SFML.Net
WINDOW : Properly detect supported depths for video modes on Linux
WINDOW : Fixed undefined behaviour when creating two fullscreen windows
WINDOW : Fixed Window::SetSize not resizing to the requested size, on Windows
WINDOW : Fixed KeyPressed event sometimes returning a null key code on Windows
WINDOW : Fixed EnableKeyRepeat not working anymore after a second window has been created on Linux
WINDOW : Fixed bug when destroying / recreating a window on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Added support for creating a sf::Window from a Cocoa window on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Desktop resolution is properly restored when hiding the application on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Fixed accentuated characters not properly retrieved on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Added support for composed characters on Mac OS X

GRAPHICS : Fixed 1-pixel offset in Sprite::GetPixel when FlipX or FlipY is set
GRAPHICS : Fixed undefined behaviour when rendering a sprite bound to an empty image
GRAPHICS : Modified the blending mode Blend::Add to use source alpha
GRAPHICS : Fixed sf::Image::Copy to apply transparency of the source image
GRAPHICS : Fixed RenderWindow.CurrentView not initialized in SFML.Net
GRAPHICS : Fixed Sprite.SubRect and String2D.GetRect crash in SFML.Net
GRAPHICS : Fixed global colors not properly exported in CSFML

AUDIO : Added a function to disable sound spatialization
AUDIO : Fixed Listener functions being private in SFML.Net
AUDIO : Fixed memory leaks when playing ogg audio files
AUDIO : Fixed OpenAL error on Mac OSX when calling SoundStream::Stop
AUDIO : Fixed multi-threading issues in sf::Music
AUDIO : Fixed sf::SoundStream (and sf::Music) not looping seamlessly

NETWORK : Got rid of whatismyip.org as the default server for public IP retrieval
NETWORK : Added a timeout parameter to Http::SendRequest

GENERAL : Fixed the code to make SFML compile on FreeBSD
GENERAL : Added the OpenAL framework to the SDK on Mac OS X
GENERAL : libsndfile is now linked dynamically on Mac OS X
GENERAL : Added the XCode project files for CSFML
GENERAL : Added Visual C++ project files for samples
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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SFML releases
« Reply #6 on: April 06, 2010, 04:45:42 pm »
SFML 1.6 is available

SYSTEM : Fixed the initial seed of sf::Randomizer which is always the same on some configurations

WINDOW : Fixed inconsistencies with the state of the left/right shift keys on Windows
WINDOW : Increased the number of supported joysticks to 4
WINDOW : Fixed joystick axes being sometimes ignored
WINDOW : Fixed Event::TextEntered ignoring the key repeat state
WINDOW : Fixed KeyEvent.Alt/Control/Shift members not working, in SFML.Net
WINDOW : Fixed a crash happening when closing an imported window, on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Fixed a bad behaviour when switching to fullscreen mode, on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Fixed bips produced when pressing function or escape keys, on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Added return to the desktop resolution when the SFML fullscreen application is not active, on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Added support for importing Cocoa widgets (in addition to Cocoa windows), on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Fixed a conflict between SFML and Cocoa that may create memory leaks, on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Fixed possible conflict between the SFML objective-C classes and the user's ones (using a private prefix in SFML), on Mac OS X
WINDOW : Fixed wrong mouse coordinates when importing a Cocoa widget, on Mac OS X

GRAPHICS : Disabled implicit conversion from sf::Image to sf::Sprite
GRAPHICS : Fixed crash with the default font at global exit on Windows
GRAPHICS : Made image loading thread-safe
GRAPHICS : Improved accuracy of rendering
GRAPHICS : Fixed current OpenGL matrix mode not properly saved when PreserveOpenGLStates is activated
GRAPHICS : Fixed a bug preventing image creation if no window was created, on Mac OS X

AUDIO : Copied Attenuation and MinDistance members in sf::Sound's copy constructor
AUDIO : Fixed crash when destroying a SoundBuffer used by a Sound
AUDIO : Fixed tiny musics ignoring the "loop" flag
AUDIO : Fixed musics sometimes being stuck after looping twice

NETWORK : Fixed crashes in Ftp::Download and Ftp::Upload with empty files
NETWORK : Fixed SocketTCP::Connect with timeout returning success when connection failed
NETWORK : Http::Response::GetField is now case insensitive
NETWORK : Added "Connection: close" by default for HTTP 1.1 requests
NETWORK : Fixed POST requests not working with sf::Http

GENERAL : SFML libraries are now be compiled with gcc 4.4.0 on Windows (MinGW)
GENERAL : Updated the Qt sample
GENERAL : Added a Cocoa sample
GENERAL : Added support for 64 bits on Mac OS X 10.5 and greater
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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Re: SFML releases
« Reply #7 on: April 30, 2013, 05:49:46 am »
SFML 2.0 is available

No changelog, sorry. Everything changed :P
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer


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Re: SFML releases
« Reply #8 on: July 27, 2013, 11:48:20 am »
SFML 2.1


- Fixed MouseMove event sometimes not generated when holding left button on Windows (#225)
- Fixed ContextSettings ignored when creating a 3.x/4.x OpenGL context on Linux (#258)
- Fixed ContextSettings ignored on Linux when creating a window (#35)
- Fixed windows bigger than the desktop not appearing on Windows (#215)
- Fixed KeyRelease events sometimes not reported on Linux (#404)
- Now using inotify on Linux to avoid constantly polling joystick connections (#96)
- Add keypad return, equal and period keys support for OS X
- Improved mouse events on OS X regarding fullscreen mode
- Improved mouse events on OS X (#213, #277)
- Improved reactivity of setMousePosition on OS X (#290)
- Fixed mouse moved event on OS X when dragging the cursor (#277)
- Added support for right control key on OS X
- Fixed KeyRelease event with CMD key pressed (#381)
- Improved TextEntered for OS X (#377)
- Fixed taskbar bugs on Windows (#328, #69)
- Improved the performances of Window::getSize() (the size is now cached)
- Added the WM_CLASS property to SFML windows on Linux
- Fixed Window::getPosition() on Linux (#346)
- Fake resize events are no longer sent when the window is moved, on Linux
- Unicode characters outside the BMP (> 0xFFFF) are now correctly handled on Windows (#366)
- Pressing ALT or F10 on Windows no longer steals the focus


- Fixed bounding rect of sf::Text ignoring whitespaces (#216)
- Checking errors in RenderTarget::pushGLStates() to avoid generating false error messages when user leaves unchecked OpenGL errors (#340)
- Solved graphics resources not updated or corrupted when loaded in a thread (#411)
- Fixed white pixel showing on first character of sf::Text (#414)
- Optimized Shader::setParameter functions, by using a cache internally (#316, #358)
- sf::Rect::contains and sf::Rect::intersects now handle rectangles with negative dimensions correctly (#219)
- Fixed Shape::setTextureRect not working when called before setTexture


- Added a workaround for a bug in the OS X implementation of OpenAL (unsupported channel count no properly detected) (#201)
- loadFromStream functions now explicitly reset the stream (seek(0)) before starting to read (#349)
- Fixed SoundBuffer::loadFromStream reading past the end of the stream (#214)


- Replaced the deprecated gethostbyname with getaddrinfo (#47)
- Fixed non-blocking connection with a sf::TcpSocket on Windows
- Minor improvements to sf::Packet operators (now using strlen and wcslen instead of explicit loops) (#118)
- Fixed TCP packet data corruption in non-blocking mode (#402, #119)
- On Unix systems, a socket disconnection no longer stops the program with signal SIGPIPE (#72)


- Updated the Window and OpenGL examples (got rid of GLU and immediate mode)
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Re: SFML releases
« Reply #9 on: December 17, 2014, 07:47:34 am »
SFML 2.2

The changelog can be found on the dedicated page.


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Re: SFML releases
« Reply #10 on: May 09, 2015, 05:52:12 pm »
« Last Edit: May 09, 2015, 06:01:29 pm by Tank »
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Re: SFML releases
« Reply #11 on: July 20, 2015, 07:05:35 am »
SFML 2.3.1

Read the announcement here: http://en.sfml-dev.org/forums/index.php?topic=18543.0
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