Here is a list of all the known SFML bindings. CSFML and SFML.Net are official bindings, the others are not: They are developed by SFML users. Some bindings may be out of date, some might have even been abandoned.

Feel free to contact me if you want to update, add or remove information about an SFML binding.

Language Name SFML Authors
Ada ASFML 2.4 - 2.6 Manuel
Beef BeefSFML 2.5 EnokViking & MineGame159
.Net (C#, VB.Net etc.) SFML.Net 2.6 SFML Team
Crystal CrSFML 2.3 - 2.6 Oleh Prypin
D bindbc-sfml 2.0 - 2.5 Mike Parker
DSFML 2.1 Jeremy DeHaan
Euphoria EuSFML2 2.4 Andy Patterson
Free Pascal Compiler aka FPC csfml-fpc 2.5 DJMaster
Go GoSFML2 2.0 krepa098
go-sfml 2.5.1 Clement Rey, Telroshan
Haskell (Hackage) 2.3 Marc Sunet, Alfredo Di Napoli
Java JSFML 2.2 Patrick Dinklage
Julia SFML.jl 2.2 Zachary Yedidia
mruby mruby-sfml 2.4 Corey Powell
Nim nim-csfml 2.3 Oleh Prypin
OCaml Ocsfml 2.2 Jun Maillard, Kenji Maillard
ocaml-sfml 2.5.1 Florent Monnier, Sylvain Boilard
Pascal PasSFML 2.4 Christian-W. Budde
Plutonium pltSFML 2.5 Shehryar Ahmed
Nelua csfml-nelua 2.5.1 Rabia Alhaffar
Python pySFML 2.3.2 Jonathan De Wachter, Edwin Marshall
Ruby rbSFML 2.3.2 Henrik Valter Vogelius Hansson
Rust rust-sfml 2.5.1 Jérémy Letang
Zig zig-sfml-wrapper 2.6.1 Guillaume Derex
Node.js sfml.js 2.5.1 XadillaX