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Title: Marshmallow Duel: Percy's Return
Post by: klusark on July 21, 2009, 12:58:42 am
I am currently working on a remake of the game Marshmallow Duel (http://mduel2k5.spadgos.com/mduel96/) called Marshmallow Duel: Percy's Return (http://code.google.com/p/mdpr/)  or MDPR for short.

While I enjoy creating the more challenging aspects of game, I hate tweaking the way each action works and help, in the from of more developers, would be appreciated.

MDPR is currently using SFML for graphics and input, Poco (http://pocoproject.org/) for threading, logging, config and networking and CEGUI (http://www.cegui.org.uk/) for the interface.

MDPR is to be, unlike the original marshmallow duel, for more than two players, and at this time, an untested unlimited amount of players could run back and fourth on a single platform.
Title: Marshmallow Duel: Percy's Return
Post by: Lonstah on May 14, 2011, 08:05:38 am
I joined this fine forum over Marshmallow Duel. Me and my sidekick love MDuel, and of course Reloaded is fantastic as well.

It's too bad the original forum was spammed and then for the most part shut down. I offered to police that forum but never got a reply.

Anyhow, what I'd really like to see, is MDuel Reloaded so you could play over a simple network.  I also hope Duncan Hill and/or BaTeCzKo see this and stop by.

Oh, before I go, I have a .bat file set up, so when we play MDuel Reloaded, HARD.FM plays over Winamp. It's hard-style trance and it's surprisingly good for a soundtrack background.

Thanks everyone!