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Title: Blockies - A Tetris Clone
Post by: Mikea on July 27, 2009, 05:28:37 pm
Blockies is a C++ Tetris Clone. I made this game in one 3 weeks or so, using the SFML library. Its very easy to play, easy to the eye, and quite enjoyable I think. I just hope you give it a try and like it. But be sure to give me some feedback, so I can improve.

Check out the Post on My blog.

Or download the game directly.

The game source code.

Or better yet, rate it at GameJolt

Thank You.
Please give me some feedback :)
Title: Blockies - A Tetris Clone
Post by: klusark on July 28, 2009, 12:41:46 am
The game board seams rather wide. Yours is 16 boxes wide where as most other tetris clones are 10. 16 to me makes it seem a bit to easy as there is almost always somewhere to put a piece. Just something for you to think about.

Take drawing and updating out of the main thread so that the game does not freeze when the window moves.

The high score screen looks very cluttered.

When in the high score screen or the about screen, when you click on the close button, it does not close, but instead it goes to the main menu. This is probably intentional, but I don't really like this behavior.

For release versions you might want to compile it as SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS so that the console will not show up and leave it as SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE in debug mode.

Overall this is very well done. It looks very stylish.
Title: Blockies - A Tetris Clone
Post by: Mikea on July 28, 2009, 01:56:10 am
thank you very much.. I didn't know about taking out the update and draw from main thread. I'll try that. :)

Yeah, i know its wide, I didn't really knew how much boxes there where at the beginning, and I had trouble in choosing the resolution so i left it there..

Thank you very much for your feedback :) i'm sure my next will have those little details sorted out :)