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Title: DSFML to recieve many updates soon!
Post by: Jebbs on March 24, 2014, 05:12:51 am
Hey all!

With my term now finished I have loads of free time over the next two weeks, so I decided to devote a nice chunk of that to DSFML, specifically updating it to version 2.1.

The reason I am announcing it now is because I will be making changes to not only the D front end, but also to the C/C++ back end. Some of these changes will be breaking changes to the current API.

I'm assuming that a majority of people that use DSFML also use DUB, so I want them to be aware of this. Very soon I'll have a specific branch for DSFML 2.0, and I will post another announcement once it is up, which will also mark when development on 2.1 starts. Should be tomorrow or the next day.