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Title: BigBang Element / FireQuest
Post by: mazertys17 on March 19, 2015, 09:38:29 pm
Hi .

I'de like to introdiuse myself and present my project : BigBang Element.

I'm mazertys17, graphist from formation, and i'm building a little game, whith the objective to finish it in may.

Please, test my game on you're PC , if you are on widow, and tell me first, if it works !

The first version i offer to you is not the game at the end i'm gone a do but it is the same programme, graphics and assets.

click on "nouvelle partie"and wait a few ( if it work on you're pc ).
then :

To start level, you have to click on fire stone, to activate the fire element.

Next, you move it whith the keayboard, QZSD, and go to the opposyte fire stone. it will be activated to recive you're element. Then you go next level .

You have to destroyed ice blocks, for going , with you're fire weapon. Use left click pressed to project fire balls. Use space to make dammage around you. If you're energie goes down cause you're not connected to you're fire stone, go near black coal to recharge yourself, or use weapon on it to make them burn and go around them.
Then go nex fire stone to recharge and next again to go next level.

the others levels are not finish...but you can se a whater movable asset ( graphicly not finish to...)..

Well. Thanks a lot if you trye my game and give feed back  :D

here you can download :


password : mazertys17

thank you  ;)

Title: Re: BigBang Element / FireQuest
Post by: mazertys17 on March 19, 2015, 10:32:49 pm
ps : if you want to see picture of it , go here ( it is the SFML French Forum post )