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Title: How do you make .DLLs with CMake ??
Post by: Flaze07 on April 07, 2018, 11:31:04 am
Look, I know that CMake is not a compiler (because it says so in the tutorial to "compile" sfml) but, if I cannot make a .dlls how do I use the library that I built with CMake ?
(Also, this is a problem regarding thor, because I need to build it with CMake, with SFML, there is no problem with just using the pre-compiled ones)

Ok, just realized that I can actually use the .cbp to compile it with CodeBlocks, and it kinda works because it suddenly terminates after 1 minute and 18 seconds

NVM, it worked, it created one .dll and another of .dll.a ????

Edit : Nevermind it worked, and I can successfully integrate THOR into my Project, but why is it thorlib.dll.a instead of just .a