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Title: Open source pokemon battle engine
Post by: foo on November 11, 2018, 08:57:54 am

Watch most of the play through here (https://streamable.com/vyfhq)!

Fork or download the source and release builds on github (https://github.com/TheMaverickProgrammer/PokemonHeartGold-Swoosh)!


This demo began because a few SFML community members challenged the capabilities of Swoosh. Could it make segues as complicated as pokemon? Two flashes and then a unique effect happens before the battle shows up.

In less than a weekend, I had a demo working with the screen transitions just like pokemons. Then I realized ActionLists are an amazing building block for turn based games like pokemon.

Two weekends later I had polished the battle engine using primarily ActionLists that are now a part of Swoosh.

That is less than 5 days - I had a near perfect replica of the battle engine for the GBA pokemon games. The polish and speed that Swoosh brings is incredible. This demo is testament to that.