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Title: Hram World
Post by: vokuet on December 29, 2019, 12:01:09 am
Hello everybody !

I've been working on an action online role playing game for several months and decided to share my Project.
Basically the project is divided to 3 parts: Client, Server and Editor.

See more about the Project
http://youtu.be/6Q1NcmEqdjU (http://youtu.be/6Q1NcmEqdjU)

|SHORT Story|
Before several centuries, on Earth began a strange meteoroid rain which was not devastating at all. Yellow glittering comets flew over the sky, falling on different slopes of mountains and forming caves. That was acting as an atraction to some people, who went on the spot of collision, and after touching something which pulled them over, realised that they have been elsewhere... on different lands... or maybe on a different world.
I love trees, stones and bushes. That is why the battlefield map currently contains only this. More than 10 players can gather at a single spot on the map shooting Hram energy (an energy generated by body and mind energy) at each other. Every player belongs to one of two teams each with a friendly tree which saves them by pulling them from the ground exactly when they are extremely low on body energy(health).

I aim to develop an online world where people would like to visit and release the unneeded gatehred energy from the day. More on the Hram Spot channel on YouTube.

On the end of January, Beta version would be able for playing. It wont be publically available so feel free to write me in case you want to deal out some hits with me :)