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Title: Problems with Cmake-Build of SFML2 "climits"
Post by: DarkFly on March 07, 2011, 03:53:33 pm
Hey guys, i hope i'm right in here.
I'm, using VC++ 2010 Express and a long time i had a prebuild version of SFML2, but because there were everytime warnings when i used this (a friend explaned that as a problem of diferent windows environments), i decided to build it myself.
I had several problems to build SFML2 with CMake as shown in the tutorial. But finally I done it. But there occures an error that says that the config.hpp has no access at climits.c
Code: [Select]
1>d:\eigenes\programmieren\sfml2\include\sfml\config.hpp(137): fatal error C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht geƶffnet werden: "climits": No such file or directory
I can't imagine what the problem is, because i found out, that climits is part of the c/c++ standard and i think it must be contained in the programming environment.
I really hope you can help me because i spend days and nights :cry: to make it work

EDIT: I found out that there is a climits file in  $(VCInstallDir)include, wich is attached as include file So i think its a problem of the Environmenent Variables. Im expecally not able anymore to call another volume in the shell (don't know if this normal or not)

Did dependence reset. This problem seems to be solved, but i have new ones. I'll have a look.

EDIT: In combination with preprozessor definition it runs.

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