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General discussions / just to say 'hello'
« on: July 21, 2014, 01:14:03 pm »
hello all you geeks and geeketes,

im new here and just want to introduce myself to this forum.
i have done coding before and have been swinging from what frameworks to use. openframeworks, polycode even the more simpler gamemaker and unity. but these dont seem to be hitting my g spot. so im going to finally come and look at SFML, because it is centred for games using the code language id prefer to use, c++

im actually a composer and sound designer for games and tv and radio, plus sound engineer. and all round music person. but have been dabbling and making things for many years with code and now want to up my game some what.

im just about to look through the book for SFML from packt pub and looking forward to seeing what i can do. also as well when SFML gets that grasp of the touch screen market. not that id want to make for that, just fun to play with ;)

so anyhow, just to say 'hi' and you will more than likely run into me asking questions and soon enough helping to answer

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