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The code is the exact same as in the book

It feels to me that the key bind system the have in the book  (when i click up, move the plane up) seems very unresponsive at times, or too sensitive at times. Like if i hold down left for 2-3 seconds, release left then hold down right, the plane wont move. is there a better way of doing this?

Ohhhhhh I see now, makes much more sense

Hmm, I will have enough to look into a way of doing that with the frame time, but it is stoppage? So that I could have a true pause. Now that I FINALLY got Thor working I could try the time classes in it.

So I am using the majority of the book's systems for my version of pong. However for my version of pong, I want to have a level system that has a countdown timer, and when the timer hits zero, a state is pushed that has a timer that says new level. Then in the gamestate, a class that has the attributes of the level increased.  I tried doing this, but the issue us that even though the pause state  or the new level state was pushed to the top, the sf:clock is still running, thus making this new state useless, as the level can end if the player sits in the pause screen for a given amount of time. I am on my phone posting this so I do apologize

General discussions / Re: SFML Blueprints - Another SFML book
« on: June 08, 2015, 05:11:02 pm »
When i get enough i will definitely buy this book!

One request, can you post a larger version of the third picture, i want to see more of what it looks like.

Great work, so excited to read it! :)

Yea, I'm just trying to get feedback on ideas...right now i am working on a pong while using sfml game development book (if only my textures would load! :-X).

Edit: My pong game now has a ball moving!

Ahh, ok.

What about making a map editor like what i said that is not entirely an engine/a simpler version of what i said?

The only issue is that it is HTML5, and i would prefer to do it in C++

So i will try and be a specific and thought out as possible with this.

I do not know the technical term for the thing that i am asking about but i will go into as much depth as possible

So on the left hand side there is a side bar of sorts with different game elements such as a box, an enemy sorter, etc. With that sidebar you can add new elements, say if i want to make a car element, i click a little plus. After clicking, i can choose what base class the object is and then what the name of it is, and other options i feel i need. Then from there it will generate a .cpp and a .hpp that i could edit with an ide. another functionality that this sidebar would have is that i can drag and add elements to the scene, create maps, and other stuff with those elements. The main part of the window will be a scene, if it was a scene of a world, it would look like a map. From that map i can rearrange aspects to my liking and create new areas. After i finish editing, i can save it as a .txt and all of the map will have a specific ID to the block/thing so that the game can read through and build the world.

Is there anything like this that exists?
How would you go about doing this?

Find your pride in the things that are unique in your game/project and in the fact that you didn't waste time reinventing the wheel, but were smart enough to use available open source components to save time so you could deliver the awesomeness of your project faster.


@Nexus so something must have been wrong with the way i build it, however now when i built it and run it in Xcode, it says all of the sfml libs with the -d suffix are missing, however the way i installed sfml (pre built clang that was on SFML.org) there were no -d libs (.dylib is the file extension)

The place i most likely messed up was after the Xcode build, i just placed it in the /usr/local/include and the /usr/local/lib for the respective files. In the instructions. It just says what to do after building it, not where to place the then built files. Also, the error when running in DEBUG mode is that it says that all of the thor functions and keywords were not defined. If i run it in RELEASE it says that when i try to include, the thor.h file cannot be found. When looking at the actual built files, it says that it only made a debug version

I can make a new thread in the help general if you want

But you're proud when you use SFML, the C++ language, the Mac operating system -- all of which have been created by other people?

And you're more proud when you reinvent the wheel, that is, steal the idea but not the code? Just to say "I have done it myself"?

You raise a good point, however, if i make it myself, it feels more rewarding to me at least to not reinvent the wheel per-say. But to say that a game i made all by myself, and no one else helped me. It may stem from a need for approval that i feel i never have gotten throughout my life. I guess i am looking for a reason to use other's code, but still feel good about my work

Where do you have problems? Have you read the official tutorials and followed them step-by-step?

By the way, this is not a general discussion about SFML, so please use the Help>General forum next time :)

I build it, followed the steps and it did not work. I ran it in Xcode. Then when i try to link it in QTCreator(i prefer it to Xcode), it acts as if the file is not there, or even when it finds the file, the functions do not work.

Im sorry if this is the wrong place for this, thought no one would have an answer so i just put it in incase someone had a pre built version for mac. Im not looking for help in installing it, as i was just hoping someone had already built it. I can remove the thread if you want

So with regards to the sfml game dev book, i find myself trying to recreate what has already been created because i am not as proud when i use other people's code. With the book in mind, i don't want to make a game with the base classes that are crucial to the "engine of the game". Some of those classes are like the application, gamestate (other states) worlds. The other "Base classes" such as state, scenenode and sprite node, command, command queue, state stack, and the others that are the base classes. This requires me to require WAY more time trying to come up with a better way of doing what the classes for the engine do. By doing this, i rarely get stuff done, and generally lose interest in continuing my work.

Any tips? Or a reason to use open source code?

On a separate note, does anyone have an already built package of Thor for mac? can't get it to install


Just to give a little background, i have always struggled with reading comprehension. I have read 60% of the SFML game development book. I find that while reading, the code makes sense to me. but when i try to implement it, i struggle with trying to remember how they are implemented or how they work. I find that i learn best from videos, because i can visualize them and see what is actually going on.

I know that this forum is very critical of codingmadeeasy's videos. But the other side of this is that he is the only one who makes video tutorials on SFML. So i was wondering if anyone knew of any other video tutorials for SFML.

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