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Window / [Solved] getting input and put them into a string
« on: February 06, 2008, 02:55:54 am »
Quote from: "Laurent"
The Event.Text field is only valid when a Event::TextEntered has been received, which is the event you must catch (forget Event::KeyPressed for this kind of input).

Works perfect, apart from when I press backspace or return. If I do that, I can't type. Also å ä ö dosen't work.


Window / [Solved] getting input and put them into a string
« on: February 06, 2008, 01:20:59 am »

I want to make a textfield where I type text like any other textfield. So when a keyPress event is received I could just put the unicode character for the key in a string?
Well, I though so but that dosen't work. When I press a key that aren't a character it bugs.
So.. then I found some code from a SDL tutorial and he checked if it was a valid character, and that's what Im using.

Here's the code:
Code: [Select]

in my event loop...
                if(event.Key.Code == sf::Key::Back)     //om man tryckt på backsteg..
                    if(inputField.length() > 0)
                        inputField.erase( inputField.length() - 1 );
                    //en ifsats för att kolla att det är en bokstav eller siffra..
                    // sorry, swedish comments :P
                    (event.Text.Unicode >= (char)'0' && event.Text.Unicode <= (char)'9')
                    (event.Text.Unicode >= (char)'a' && event.Text.Unicode <= (char)'z')
                    (event.Text.Unicode >= (char)'A' && event.Text.Unicode <= (char)'Z')
                    event.Text.Unicode == (char)' '
                        inputField += (char)event.Text.Unicode;
                if(event.Key.Code == sf::Key::Space)
                    inputField += (char)' ';

draw the text to the window.

Works really good, except when it comes to the rest of the characters I want to use, I want the user to be able to write any character..
And holding SHIFT and typing a character won't put any character in the string, why?

How would you do this?

PS, I've tried to use wxwidgets all day, but I just can't get it to work. And I just want to try to make a simple chat so I don't think I need a GUI yet.


I just saw this topic:

But it dosen't solve my problem as I want it to be able to write all characters (i.e. !"#¤%& etc), including the non-internationel ones (like å ä ö). And it dosen't work with upper case characters.

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