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Feature requests / Mipmapping for OpenGL texture creation?
« on: April 06, 2011, 06:41:21 pm »
+1 for this feature, it would be very useful!

Quote from: "Laurent"
Mipmapping for 2D?? It wouldn't be used at all in SFML,

Why not? Any image I load from disk has a fixed resolution obviously, but the sizes at which it will be drawn on screen may vary greatly (depending on the sprite's scales at which I blit it, and to some extent the user's screen resolution).

When loading a large image (e.g. 800x600) and blitting it to a smaller area (say 80x60) the quality will *greatly* benefit from mipmapping (as opposed to only bilinear filtering, which happens by default).

If you're using sf::Image for your texture, you can still do it:
Code: [Select]

Not quite sure where/how to do this, could you elaborate please?

I'm doing this:
Code: [Select]
sf::Image myImage;

Now what? Doing the code above didn't seem to make any difference.

Do I have to assign this image to a sprite in any special way, or do I have to Draw the sprite differently?

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