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Window / SetFramerateLimit makes the Game stutter
« on: July 28, 2013, 08:12:30 pm »
Hi :)

I've got a little problem with my game. If i use the built in SetFramerateLimit method to limit my Windows Framerate to 60 it varies a bit (not the problem) but has some issues:

1) stuttering. Quite regular the game stutters which results in double or tripple the "normal" rendertime for the window.
2) Framerate is actually below 60. On my system it's on 58, a friend tested it on quite a weak laptop and only got 53Fps(which stayed the same when he underclocked the thing, so i guess it's no lack of performance)

(Fps measured with Fraps, rendertimes with sf::clock. Don't get any Framedrops, when i leave the Limiter out but 1500+FPs is not what i want^^)

i wrote my own functionality, very crude, but working(no drops and bang on 60Fps on my machine), but: i don't really know how to prevent it from using the core it runs on at 100%:

Code: [Select]
void Framework::Render(){

if(mCurrentRenderFrameTime >= 0.01667){

mCurrentRenderFrameTime = 0.0;
mCurrentRenderFrameTime += mFrameT / 1000000.0;

Code: [Select]
void Framework::RunGame(){
mCurrentRenderFrameTime = 1.0;
while (mMainWindow->isOpen()){


Any Tips how i could solve the problem?

Window / Get Window Style?
« on: June 23, 2013, 04:22:00 pm »
Hi :)

I was wondering if there is a way to get the current window style?

background is, that i would only want to recreate the window when the style changes (fullscreen to windowed and vice versa) and not always uppon applying my settings.

(atm i just recreate it either with one or the other style, but every time).

Code: [Select]
mMainStateWindow->create(sf::VideoMode(sf::VideoMode::getDesktopMode()), "Test", sf::Style::Fullscreen);
mMainStateWindow->create(sf::VideoMode(mSettings->GetXRes(), mSettings->GetYRes(), 32), "Testn", sf::Style::Close);

sure, i could have a history of my fullscreen setting but  i don't really like that solution.

Hi :)

I'm quite new to SFML and atm trying to write myself a GUI for a game in want to make.

For that i need a checkbox, but that doesn't work the way i think it should.

my code:

Code: [Select]
if(mInFocus == true){
mState = !mState;

it keeps changing the mState Value when the button is pressed down and the mouse is moved in the checkbox area(mInFocus == true).

the button release seems to be ignored as long as there are other mouse events like the movement.

Any idea what i could do to prevent that from happening?

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