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SFML projects / particules
« on: September 05, 2007, 01:34:53 am »

Particules is a software solving the thomson's problem : it finds the "best" way to place N points at the surface of a sphere.
It's using OpenGL to render images of the solution. Image can be seen at the page : http://particules.sectionpc.info/#images

To handle the creation of a window and the mouse events to move around the image, I used direct X (not DirectX, but just the X library) under Linux and a home-made library under Windows (advio2, which is quiet similar to the window and graphics part of SFML).

The problem is that I do not maintain the windows library any more, and my X code is broken on recent systems. So as soon as I discovered SFML I tried to use it to build a portable graphics system for my app.

The system dependant part of my application is reather small (roughly 200 lines for a 12K lines program) and it took me only one or two hour to learn how to use the window part of SFML and to rewrite my code to use it.

And guess what ? it's working wonderfully ! the code I wrote is much simpler than what I used with X before (but a little longer than what I used under windows because I needed to write a message handler function for SFML, while advio2 did this for me).

On the webpage I gave earlier there is not already the SFML version of the program because I still got a few problem with it, but it will soon be available.

To conclude, I will just give two "gadget" functions I consider missing in the library (or that I missed the rewrite my app with all its functionalities) :
- the possibility the change the caption of a sfWindow after its creation
- the possibility to give an icon to a sfWindow

SFML is a really good library, I was waiting for something like that for years.

thank you.


I'm using Ubuntu linux with a Core 2 Duo processor, i.e. an AMD64 platform.

I compiled successfully SFML with gcc. but in order to use it with icc (the intel compiler), the line 70 of the Config.hpp header should be :
#elif defined(__amd64__) || defined(__x86_64) || defined(__x86_64__)

as the platform is named x86_64 for the intel compiler and not amd64. I did not try to build the library with icc, but I suppose that such modifications are also needed elsewhere (If necessary I can try to build it with this compiler).

thank you for your great work.

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