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SFML projects / [Looking for devs, graphist]Shmup game project
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:21:45 am »
Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I had in mind to create a game using SFML. I'm now done with the fundations of the game(main menu, options menu, shop...), and I just realized I really need help!
I did not even reall start making the game itself, so the help from any of you would really contribute to a major part of this project. All I need is someone to give me a hand, indeed, I am not even willing to give 1 cent for the development of this game. The reason why I want to create a game is for fun (how cute  ::) ) and as its my first game, I also think it could take up some space on my resume. I'm thinking about it because I'm still young (17 yo), which means I also have to learn coding, and working in a team.
There's no need to be a C++ master to dare sending me a PM, I'm still learning too!
I forgot to mention, the help of a graphist is also vital to the project.
Anyway, if you anyone is interested, do not hesitate to send me a PM, or leave a comment, that'd make me very happy :3
Sorry for bad english, and thank you already  :D

PS: Please also tell me if this forum is inappropriate for this kind of announcement!

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