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D / How to install on Linux?
« on: April 03, 2016, 11:10:40 pm »
I'm confused!  ??? Reading this page: http://jebbs.github.io/DSFML/docs/firstprogram.html it says that the easiest way to get DSFML and DSFMLC is by downloading the binaries and putting them on your path. However, the download page only has the DSFML archive, although the DSFMLC source is available at the bottom of that page.

So my question is, if I download DSFMLC and build that, then download the DSFML archive and extract it to my application's directory, should the example mentioned on the previously mentioned page build like this if I substitute the full path to the DSFML and DSFMLC folders:

dmd app.d -IDSFML/scr -L-LDSFMLC/lib -L-LDSFML/lib -L-ldsfml-graphics -L-ldsfml-window -L-ldsfml-system -L-ldsfmlc-graphics -L-ldsfmlc-window -L-ldsfmlc-system

I just can't get it to work :(

(I've corrected the typo dmd app.d -IDSFML/scr... to dmd app.d -IDSFML/src and still no joy.)

Any help much appreciated.

EDIT: I should maybe have said that I installed SFML and can compile the example C++ programs without any issues at all but would prefer to use 'D'.

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