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Window / ['Solved'] Creating window, inside other window.
« on: May 27, 2016, 03:29:36 pm »

From moment I began creating programs with SFML, i wondered if there is a way to create window, inside other window. I tried to find answer on internet, but seems that none ever thought about such an stupidity... Or I am just awful at googlin'.

Why Do I need it? Well, I actually do not, but I found it usefull to place window fe, for chat, map etc, and make it easy to update whole game system. I know, that there is many otherways to do it, but I want to update my actual project with such an improvment.

Is it possieble? If yes, could you sahre idea, and brief explenation of what's goin' on (I am autodidact)?

My problem is kind of non-existing. But I would really appreciate, if it would be possieble!


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