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Graphics / Rendering problem with RenderTexture.getTexture()
« on: June 18, 2016, 02:41:43 am »
I have code like this:

sf::Sprite sprite(myRenderTexture.getTexture());

It renders incorrectly. I'm not sure where the bits are coming from, but it's drawing the wrong bits. However if I simply introduce one intermediate texture:

sf::Texture texture = myRenderTexture.getTexture();
sf::Sprite sprite(texture);

Then it renders correctly. The second version is acceptable, but the seemingly needless copy is bothering me. It also makes me think there is something going on in SFML that I don't understand. Also, there is another part in my code (the rendering of the main surface to the window, in fact) that works like the first example, and it's fine. I've rearranged things a few different ways and made sure object lifetime isn't an issue, but every time I remove that texture copy, I get the same bad render (the bad result is always the same, not random).

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