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SFML website / Please add hasFocus() to the Events-Window tutorial
« on: February 11, 2017, 09:12:49 am »

When searching about window focus, the window-events tutorial page comes up in web search engine results. Page mentions lost/gainedFocus() which is great but we also have hasFocus() and requestFocus() which is the real deal from what I read.

I believe these focus related functions should be on the tutorial page, even if it's just a single sentence, to ensure all newcomers reading about focus is aware of these two functions.

Here is an example web search showing very old stuff and NOT making clear that these new two functions exist:

I have created a pull request for this.



For other beginners following the vertex tutorial may I suggest adding a link to the file mentioned in the article.

tutorial: Designing  your own entities with vertex arrays
link: http://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.3/graphics-vertex-array.php

main file I suggest adding to the wiki is "tileset.png" (attached to this post)

however it might also help adding a corresponding pixel editor file so that completely new people to the subject can download the free application, open it in the pixel editor software and see how it is formatted to create their own. I am using Pyxel Edit for this purpose and I have also attached the corresponding .pyxel file for this application (attached to this post). This is a commercial software package but a free (older) version can be obtained free of charge from the official website (I'm not affiliated and this is not a hidden ad :P ).


EDIT: Removed unknown artist's tiles.

EDIT: Added my own tile files & added embedded picture.

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