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SFML projects / Nero Game Engine
« on: October 22, 2016, 05:58:22 pm »

Hi everyone, In this topic, I want to present you Project Nero

The goal of the project is to build a Game Engine using SFML and Box2D. I decided to focus on the development of platform games. Build a Game Engine with a lot of features is really tough. The first step in building my engine was to integrate Box2D with SFML, I've thought of a lot of way to do that, and then I've discovered the Box2D TestBed, The Box2D TestBed offers many features, but it uses GLUI and FreeGlUT instead of SFML. So, I've decided to replicate it, suppress all the GLUI, FreeGlUT and OpenGL code and then get only some SFML and SFGUI code : This gave me the "Nero  Game Engine 0.1"

For the moment the engine is split into two parts, a Render_Engine and a Dev_Engine

The goal of the Render Engine is to test a game scene: you create a new Scene (a new class that inherits from nero::Scene), set the scene to the engine, and run the engine. The Render Engine offers to reset and pause the scene.
Here is a screenshot that run the "Tumbler" example from the Box2D TestBed

The goal of the Dev_Engine is to help in a Scene building, at this stage of development it's a complete replication of the Box2D Testbed. The features it offers are :
 - Automatic drawing : when you create a box2d object, it draws automatically no need to create an SFML shape
- Move objects with the mouse
- See object center of mass, bounding rectangle, etc
- See statistic (number of body in the scene etc)

Here is a Screen shoot with the "Conveyor Belt" example from Box2D Testbed

When you create a Scene by inheriting from (nero::Scene or nero::DevScene), you get access to the camera and some functions to process keyboard and mouse input

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