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Graphics / [SOLVED] Best approach for rendering footprints
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:28:58 am »
I am currently working on an implementation for footprints etc.

To get this working I have created a struct which I keep in a vector and let it render every frame.
Since the texture does not change but is kept in the GPU memory, I assume it is quite fast although the game will produce thousands of footprints during a level. Every footprint is 1 sprite.

int vectorsize = m_Tracks.size();
for(int iterator = 0; iterator < vectorsize; ++iterator;){

What is the best optimization (rendering time) for this?
  • Create an image and add the footprint every frame (direct manipulation of the pixel via getPixel, setPixel) and apply the image to the render texture of 1 sprite?
  • Use a texturerender instead of direct pixel manipulation?
  • Keep the current implementation and optimize to only render sprites in current view rect?

I coudl not find any good result in the forum search.

Best regards

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