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SFML projects / Explosion Simulator in C++
« on: January 05, 2019, 05:24:47 pm »
Hey guys,

So, I'm currently learning to be an informatician at the ETML in Lausanne, Switzerland. And here, at the end of the schoolyear, every student has to do a project (best time of the year), and the cool thing about it is that we can choose what it's gonna be. We have 4 weeks to complete it.
My project was an explosion simulator in C++ and, obviously, SFML. The teachers were a bit skeptical about my project, because we don't learn C++ (we learn C# instead) nor physics at the ETML  ;D.

But anyway, I managed to make a "game" that is quite fun to play (at least that's what my friends told me ahah), it's in french but even if you don't speak it, you shouldn't have any problem, there isn't a lot of text and the UI is pretty simple.

Btw, I know there are bugs, it was the first time I tried to resolve collisions that take velocity and mass into account, so it wasn't easy even though everything is axis-aligned :P

In the future, I'd like to remake this game entirely, but with OBB collisions, better looking and more satisfying physics and better code design. So if you guys have any suggestions, I'm open to new ideas !

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