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Window / Window resizing problem
« on: February 21, 2019, 10:52:03 am »
Hallo people!
I'm newbie in SFML, and sorry for my english.
I'm use Windows.
My problem is resizing of window by it's edge. Picture in window not updated while left mouse button hold down.
Tell me please how can I do content updating of window when I drag the edge of window.

I guess problem is additional event handling inside SFML. Yet another event queue? Why? OS made all jobs.
sf::Event is redundant entity. In general I made fork that uses direct calls from platform event processing subroutine. I.e. you make descendant of sf::Window and in overriden methods do your job. Additionally you must create MessageLoop object in 'main' function and call 'Run' method.
After this all works fine and fast.
https://github.com/vgui/SFML/tree/noevents It is my fork, 'noevents' branch.

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