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General discussions / Advice on "actually" making games with SFML?
« on: August 15, 2019, 07:18:56 pm »
I'm kind of stuck when it comes to gamedev. I use C++/SFML.

One of my problems is that river online casino my attempts at making a game always go like this:

Have some vague idea about a game.

Draw some designs and flesh out the details.

Open up VS and start programming.

Once I get a window up and some sort of game object/entity system, I start piling on features.

Eventually, everything gets so messy and poorly designed that I can't continue. Oftentimes I will drop a project, come back to it months later and realize the existing code is impossible to work with. Furthermore, it seems by using a low level framework there is always way too much to get done before its a "game" and not just some hunk of code. For each "game" I have to work out a some system for animations, GUIs, scenes, etc.

I know that that last particular issue is probably to be expected in using a framework like SFML. I arrogantly stick to SFML, however, because I'm not comfortable with using a large engine like Unity.

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