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SFML projects / Make It Pixel! A pixel art generator
« on: July 15, 2022, 09:14:05 am »
Hello, everyone!

After some time looking for pixel art generators, I realized none had all of the features I wanted for mine: so I decided to create it myself  ;)

It is called Make It Pixel! and here you have an example of what it does.

Current features

* Intelligent and customizable handling of color and palettes.
* Configure color selection during downscaling.
* Configure color quantization and dithering.
* Fully customizable both by file and console.
* Process dozens of files with in a single run.
* Fully documented.

Future features

* Parameters to generate pixel art outlines using border detection.
* Add options to apply blur on a preprocessing step, to reduce noise.

I used SFML as the graphic library, to manage color and images.
Although I've still not made the release, because I want to clean it up a bit, it's ready to use!

Repository: https://github.com/MiguelMJ/MakeItPixel
Documentation: https://github.com/MiguelMJ/MakeItPixel/wiki

Give it a little star if you like it and let me know your thoughts ;D
Feature requests accepted on the issues.

SFML projects / Candle - 2D basic lighting for SFML
« on: September 26, 2020, 03:04:52 am »
Candle - 2D lighting for SFML
Hello! I recently created a library implementing some basic algorithms of shadow casting and field of view. It is easy to integrate, it has no dependencies other than SFML itself and it's open for further development. The code comes with a demo to test the main features, which are dynamic lights, fog and shadows. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!

Code: https://github.com/MiguelMJ/Candle
Full documentation: https://miguelmj.github.io/Candle

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