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General / Need help with config and generation of SFEMovies
« on: August 24, 2021, 11:12:06 pm »
Just arrived in the forums as I'm in need of some help.

Goal: I need to make my game be able to play an intro cinematic so I'm using SFEMovie to do that.

Initial Results: When I first built it, I had it set to FFMPEG building in CMake, this proved to be unsuccessful once building the ALLBUILD project in VS2019. It produced 4 errors, 2 of which involved a missing dll file and the other 2 were one being code related and the other being build-issue related.

The second attempt, this time using static build: This is the part that I'm stuck on, it is looking for a dependant jpeg.lib file which if I'm to understand, SFML does not have this, in which case is there a lib in the current version of SFML which would cover the jpeg.lib and its location? Otherwise, the config and generation fail because of this dependent library.

Thanks for any help that may come!

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