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General / codeblocks hell - back to SDL
« on: October 02, 2021, 11:11:29 am »
I've been coding for 30 years, and I just spent a long afternoon trying to get sfml working with codeblocks, in vain. The problems were many and frustrating.

As an example: I discovered that if you don't remove your old installation of codeblocks *completely* you may install a new version and not change anything. Run the de-installer, then throw out any codeblocks folders you find in *both* the 32 and 64 bit programs folders. Flush thoroughly, then hire a exorcist to sprinkle the area with holy water.

Much of the problem lies in codeblocks' put-the-settings-in-three-places approach to simplicity. No one with any sense cares to sort that crap out, including me. I nearly got it working before I pulled what's left of my hair out. I don't remember the error messages, except that if I attempt to compile for 32 bit, there's no libraries; if I go 64 (as it's supposed to be, I have the 'seh' version), there are lists of incomprehensible errors. The only hint I can give you is that there were too many underscores to count through my thick glasses. Why are the errors illegible? Keep things closer to the things we know, please. Trying to baby-proof it will only end in disaster.

The only hope I can see is to either: 1) fix the codeblocks stationery starting point yourself and distribute it, or even give it to the makers of codeblocks; or 2) prepare and distribute a working project, complete with a nice folder full of all those libraries. If that's not possible because you must have the right version of gcc (I've never heard of that before, that should be dealt with) then create and distribute an entire sfml/gcc installer with a working codeblocks project. If you can't distribute because of IP issues, please put sets of links, at least, that go together to make something that works. Specify that it must be installed on a brand-new computer that's been sitting on a degausser overnight.

It's easy to blame the user, but no one wants to spend all day fiddling with this thing. It's supposed to make my life easier, not shorter.

Having said that, I'm sure your product is lovely and codeblocks is largely to blame, and I'm thankful for your efforts. I just with I could try it.

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