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C / CSFML under Cygwin/Windows? How?
« on: January 09, 2022, 12:48:13 am »
Is it possible to use CSFML under Cygwin/Windows?

I have never used CSFML. I am trying to compile a simple example but I have not found the C-specific documentation.

If I compile one example I am getting this error message:
In file included from ../CSFML-2.5.1-windows-64-bit/include/SFML/System.h:32,
                 from ../CSFML-2.5.1-windows-64-bit/include/SFML/Audio.h:32,
                 from test.c:1:
../CSFML-2.5.1-windows-64-bit/include/SFML/Config.h:73:6: error: #error This operating system is not supported by SFML library
   73 |     #error This operating system is not supported by SFML library

Does this mean I cannot use CSFML under Cygwin?

C / How to get started with CSFML?
« on: January 08, 2022, 03:04:22 pm »
Hi everyone!

How can I get started with CSFML? I have downloaded and uncompressed CSFML Windows 64-bit. I am using Cygwin as my main environment.

I supposed I need to have CSFML location in the PATH variable.

Could someone please give a trivial helloworld example in ANSI C (no C++) and the exact command line to compile it?

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