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Feature requests / WM Specific information
« on: August 26, 2010, 10:22:34 pm »
I've looked over the documentation and haven't been able to find anything which supplies this functionality, so here goes. I'd like to request the addition of a function analogous to SDL's SDL_GetWMInfo (which returns the structure described here: http://sdl.beuc.net/sdl.wiki/SDL_SysWMInfo).

Why this is important:
With access to the display pointer and window (X11) or window handle (Windows), individuals can implement important functionality such as drag'n'drop, copy and paste, window shaping/transparency, etc. This removes the burden from SFML to build these things in.

Implementation difficulty:
Simple. SFML already manages this information behind the scenes; the addition of one function and one class would suffice.


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