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SFML projects / ooc bindings for sfml2 (ooc-sfml)
« on: December 28, 2010, 01:59:28 am »
Hello everybody :)
I just finished writing some ooc bindings for sfml2, so I thought I'd come and post a link for my github repo. But first, I am sure that very few of you have heard of ooc. Ooc ( which originally meant object orientated c but has been renamed to out of class ), is an awesome language with cool syntax ( I know it's subjective but anyways, how can you not like pure awesomeness ?  :P ). It is translated to C, which makes it very practical as writing bindings for C libraries is extremely easy. As you may have guessed by that last sequence, ooc-sfml is actually a binding for csfml and not for sfml itself. However, the fact that ooc is an object orientated langugage makes the usage of ooc-sfml closer to sfml than to csfml.


ooc-sfml: http://www.github.com/shamanas/ooc-sfml
Ooc website: http://www.ooc-lang.org

Please let me know about any bugs/comments and post your feedback here

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