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SFML website / New section desirable?
« on: March 15, 2011, 07:21:05 pm »
I've noticed a lot recently the type of questions posted are either compiler related or newbie related (not talking SFML in particular - but with for instance c++ in general - i.e. why does my compiler shout at me).
I'm not using the word newbie in any derogatory way, as everyone's a newbie when first starting out.

Wouldn't it make sense to create a "For Beginners" forum where such questions could be posted and answered by other forum users; in order for us to help you get (slightly) more free time to focus on SFML2? :)

Audio / Audio causes hang within FreeLibrary.
« on: January 29, 2011, 08:12:25 pm »

I'm having problems with Audio when playing sound via a DLL plugin.

Basically, my current project loads game views from DLLs as a plugin system. If I load and play any sound/music from within that DLL - the application will hang upon FreeLibrary of that DLL and the music will stutter (no doubt due to the hang/deadlock).

I can get rid of the stutter by sleeping a few milliseconds after the Music.Stop() - before I unload the plugin via FreeLibrary. However, the application will still hang upon FreeLibrary.

I've tried to not allocate anything regarding music from within the DLL itself (rather letting the main-process load and play stuff) but that does not help. FreeLibrary seem to run in a recursive loop upon calling FreeLibrary.

Pseudocode (as a minimal example would involve 2 different projects etc - can provide if needed):

Code: [Select]
  sf::Music myMusic;
  myMusic.LoadFromFile("snd.ogg");  // if I comment out this and the line below - FreeLibrary doesn't hang.

  myMusic.Stop();                   // seems to call a wait internally? But if I don't add a Sleep here, the sound will stutter when I try to unload the plugin.

Main program:
Code: [Select]
Plugin p = LoadPlugin("name.dll"); // creates a view internally
game.AddView(p);                   // adds the view to the game, calls init on plugin
game.MainLoop();                   // calls deinit on the plugin when done, does not unload the plugin but deletes the internal view.
p.Unload();                        // tries to unload the plugin via freelibrary - hangs upon the call to FreeLibrary.

Any idea whatsoever what might cause this? Is there anything allocated internally

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