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Window / Instantiation of sf::Window
« on: February 01, 2011, 06:04:58 am »

I'm using SFML to create a GL context and view some articulated rigid body motions. I like the API. But lately I noticed that my program produces different results (motions) every time it's run. After disabling different parts of the code I found that an instantiation of sf::Window changes the results even if the window is not used at all. Say calc() is the name of the function that launches the motion computation. If I call calc() alone it would always give the same results for any number of tests, but preceding calc() by an instantiation of Window, for example

sf::Window App;

, will give different results.

I checked all the code invoked by calc() against all kinds of warnings (Wall and Wextra) with no alerts. The program is running on ubuntu 10.10 32b, on a core i5-based notebook, with the intel HD Graphics integrated chip. This is version 1.6 of sfml.

How do I know for sure which of the instructions, calc() or (sf::Window App) is at fault?

Thank you.

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