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I've made my first contribution to the SFML wiki by adding the source code of a class designed to track various frame time statistics, such as:

    * total number of frames;
    * total frame time;
    * current frame time;
    * shortest measured frame time;
    * longest measured frame time;
    * average frame time over a user specified number of frames (called sample depth);
    * frames per second;
    * lowest measured frames per second;
    * highest measured frames per second, and;
    * average frames per second over a user specified number of frames (called sample depth).

Full details at the link below:


Feature requests / Add CoordinateType member to RenderStates class
« on: March 08, 2012, 11:56:08 pm »

sf::RenderStates should have a 'CoordinateType' data member (of type sf::Texture::CoordinateType) to enable the use of normalized texture coordinates in vertex arrays rendered by sf::RenderTarget::Draw.

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