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Network / Info to make a small OO game server
« on: July 08, 2012, 03:48:18 pm »
Hi, I'm just made half of a turns based game with SFML with server on local linux standard computer.
Now I want to understand how can I put server part on internet server to play with others players.
I can't found info about how to put my small game server on internet server.
<<How I have to develop server software so it can run on internet server.>>
Where can I find informations and small example?

If you know.. I finding also some example schema to organize well my game objects (software) between "pure logical" part for server and "logic+graph" part for client. How to organize basic objects and client object with graph. (Obj Inheritance)

Thanks -Fixus

Network / How to dev an online server for a simple game
« on: April 23, 2011, 02:37:48 pm »
I'm finding info about how to develop the online part of server for a simple 4players 2D  strategic game.

I find for hours but drop all times on sites and tread for a big games.

I just done 1/2game with client and server on my local net but
now I want to understand if is possible to put the server side of game on an online shared server.

I want to know if I can use SFML libs on a game server. And Graph-Lib?

This is a strategic game with a very small use of TCP pakets but I think that here we have a bad ADSL line to do that in home.

Where can I found info about small online server for my small game?

Thanks for any suggestions. -Fixus

SFML wiki / GatorQue GQE APP Example
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:34:23 pm »
He, I know SFML and do my Library with it but now I see GQE.
I like GQE project, I study it and I compiled it under Linux but..
Demo Example of GQE is like NULL.
I don't figure out how to use it in correct way.
I need a small but real example.
How can I construct my game?
I have to inherit App or add States and How.
I'm know OOP but I'm not an expert.
Many Thanks to GatorQue or good man of SFML for help.  -Fixus

Hi. I just make my first review of my first project using: C++, OOP, SFML + Flibs

Trasporter screenshot thumbnail:

Trasporter screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5385637/Dev/Trasporter%20screenshot.png

Trasporter Video: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5385637/Dev/Trasporter.mpg

Trasporter classes chart:

Trasporter is a Object Oriented project of a double conveyer simulation with a double view for comparison.

Here I used Sprites with some effect to have many color from one image and to get a trail of movements to debug movements.
I used some simple graph function of SFML to trace scheduled moves.

Every conveyer have an integrated AI with:
2 automatic modes with different chassis precedence
1 convenient semi automatic mode
1 totally free manual mode for test porpoise
* anti Crash system that look around others conveyer moves intention also if other conveyer is in manual mode.

Plant is reconfigurable as hardware and setup.

Next I used View to separate screen and simulate 2 different plants.

This project was converted and now really work into a Simatic S7 PLC.

Flibs 20110127 Fixus x SFML1.6 Libs: Sys Res Video Gui NetServer NetClient


PS: my GUI library is a Helping interface versus CEGUI GUI.

Isn't professional version but is OOP and run well without problems.
I made this libs in 2 years working on 3 my projects..
Next I can take you my programs based on that libs.

Unfortunately I don't have time to complete all libs so
I want starting to share all that with SFML community that I love.
I want continue to grow this libs remaining at a simple level of integration for final programs.

Actually I have started a collaboration with GatorQue that made great Game Engine

Now I need your impression about this project..
 and if you like.. a support to publish well in wiki.

Have a great year, -Fixus971

General / How to compile SFML 1.5 on Linux Ubuntu: packages
« on: June 19, 2009, 02:50:43 am »
I'm compiled SFML v1.5 on a fresh Linux Mint(Ubuntu)
finding needed: libraries, packages, include files .h, lib files.so
using this Ubuntu web tool: http://packages.ubuntu.com/  ("Search the contents of packages")

I spent 2 hours to do this starting from SFML compile errors so now I write here my work result for all others and Ask if someone found some alternative mode to setup all.


To compile simly go in SFML dir and type "make"

General / MS VisualStrudio9 C++ SFML: How to port exe on others PC?
« on: October 06, 2008, 05:01:40 pm »
Hi  :(  I study subject problem for 2 month without any success.
I found/try many options but I don't found a combinations to generate a app.exe (with or without *.dll) that can run on others PC.

Compiling same programs with Code::Blocks I obtain always exe that run immediately on others computers.

Unfortunately I have my proffered project that use CEGUI and I get too strange errors compiling in C::B. In VS run well but I can't port that.

Someone have an experience on this or simply in VS options to export to others PC?


General / Compile SFML with Code::Blocks and MinGW
« on: October 06, 2008, 02:58:58 am »
Hi.. I spent a lot of time to compile SFML SVN(1.4)
I use with MinGW and with VS9C++
I compiled and used successfully SFML in VS9++.
Now I need SFML in MinGW for CodeBlocks..
Compile of SFML compile successfully with about 44 general warnings
but now, when go to compile my program
I get strange error that I cant found in SFML site.
The same program go well with
 SFML SVN(1.4)VS9++ and with C::B+MinGW+SFML1.3
I cant build with C::B+MinGW+SFML(SVN1.4)
I tried with Debug and Release simply
 changing the 2 search directory in C::B.

error in Debug mode:
Code: [Select]
E:\E\P\SFML\src\SFML\Audio\Sound.cpp|40|undefined reference to `_imp__alGenSources'|"

error in Release mode:
Code: [Select]
E:\E\P\SFML\src\SFML\Audio\Sound.cpp:(.text+0xe)||undefined reference to `_imp__alSourcePlay'|"

In program where I don't use Audio I get:
Code: [Select]
E:\E\P\SFML\src\SFML\Graphics\FontLoader.cpp|91|undefined reference to `FT_Done_FreeType'|

Please help me, thanks.

Graphics / svn: sf::String sfs -> Access violation
« on: October 06, 2008, 12:06:12 am »
Access violation reading location 0x00000000

Context.cpp of SFML SVN compiled with VS9 C++

Code: [Select]
void Context::SetActive(bool Active)

in my program and in SFML samples too.

to try:
simply put variable definition "sf::String sfs;" before main()

I need it to share same String settings in many files of my program.

Graphics / SetBackgroundColor in SVN version
« on: September 22, 2008, 11:33:37 pm »
Hi, great work but where is SetBackgroundColor in SVN version?

Network / Can I use client socket grabbed by selector to send data?
« on: September 15, 2008, 01:56:36 pm »
About tutorial: http://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/1.3/network-selector.php

I have a small server of a game with 4 player..
I need to send data from game server to player client only when some data change and not as response to a client question.
I try to extract client socket from selector but don't found how so..

Go all right if i make a copy of client socket in

Code: [Select]
       if (socket==mListener)
            sf::IPAddress address;
            sf::SocketTCP client;
            mListener.Accept(client, &address);
clients[iSender++] = client;

How can I store it? Pointers or copy in other socket?


SFML website / Peerguardian block SFML site
« on: September 15, 2008, 10:51:20 am »
Hi I have installed PeerGuardian2
and now I can't see SFML site as if it offline.
In blocking list I see  Copyright-agency.com/co-peer-right agency
If I give permission to it all go ok.

Graphics / Sprite Offset different from Center
« on: July 29, 2008, 08:21:02 am »
Hi. Is possible to have a sprite offset different from sprite center?

I use sprite.setposition in absolute mode and not in relative
 so at every frame I have to add an offset.

Now I use setcenter for this but if next I have to rotate the sprite what I get?

In alternative there is a mode to set an offset for all sprites or an offset of render window?


General / Debug: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
« on: July 26, 2008, 10:47:56 am »
Hi,  :(

I get same strange problem with a my program so try to use debug and back-running go to try debug in samples of SFML.

I get error:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault

in any programs when go to use debug function of CodeBlocks.

I see that problems begin when start to use graph with
Code: [Select]
sf::RenderWindow App(sf::VideoMode(800, 600, 32), "SFML Pong");
Probably is only a case.. I'm not an expert din debug/codeblocks so..

someone can help me please?
I just spent a lot of time for this.

I work on windows with: SFML1.3 / Code::Blocks / Mingw / gdb.exe.

I don't get any problem with simply programs that don't use library:
Code: [Select]
for ( i=1; i<=3; i=i+1 ) { printf("i=%d ",i); }

I can't found documentation about this online.. only a similar problem:

Now I make an simple code: new project with this code:
Code: [Select]
#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>
int main() {
    sf::RenderWindow AppGr;
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
Code: [Select]

#include <SFML/Window.hpp>
int main() {
    sf::Window App(sf::VideoMode(640, 480, 32), "SFML Window");
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

This 2 simple codes have the same problem:
starting debug with initialize variable as sf::RenderWindow or sf::Window
generate SigSegV
if I remove variable init line debug can run property

Now I try other library and found that I haven't any problem
with Sockets sample in debug mode. Any debug function go right.

Thanks for any suggestion.

Graphics / Finding true Draw procedure/code for an OOP
« on: July 21, 2008, 12:25:07 pm »
I have just done a nice demo with SFML. :D
Now I want to convert all in OOP using classes..

I have some problem with function Draw of my
 20 sprites of 4 types in this application.

I used example in SFML Tutorial: "class Missile"

Now I have to Draw it but Class don't know
 static sf::RenderWindow.

I try to start using a Global variable in Global.h:
static sf::RenderWindow rwin;

but go right only in main application file..
 used in class Missile for ex is compiled
 but don't make anything.

No errors reported.

If I pass rwin (sf::RenderWindow) by reference of metod
all go right and I have my sprites.

But I have many classes of sprites (7)
and so I try to find a better metod.

At last I have a class Missili
derived from Vector to store many Missile class
and I have to draw all.

Is right to use a draw metod in classes or I have other to do.
How to pass rwin (sf::RenderWindow) in many classes of sprites (/Vector)


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