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Graphics / BlendMode and RenderTexture not updating
« on: March 17, 2016, 09:49:44 am »
Hello, trying to get additive blendmode to work with a lighting system.

Which works of course. Problem for me however, lights will always be "on top" of the screen at all times.

So if I use two framebuffers by adding all lights, then blocking lights to the first, then drawing it to the second buffer, I can achieve my affect.

Which works, except I get this glitch/artifact?

My best explanation, its like the scene isn't clearing when I call .clear(); Even though I clearly am.
If none of the lights move, it works.

Min. working code example:
(click to show/hide)

If I add a rectangleshape with black, and draw it after .clear, it works. But it defeats the whole purpose of clear and also breaks my light blocking sprites.

Anyone know why this is happening? Spent too much time on something so trivial. Don't really want to settle for static lights either.

SFML projects / Muffin World v2 [Platformer] [WIP]
« on: February 20, 2016, 07:12:16 pm »

Muffin World v2
Muffins not included.


Started about two months ago for the level creator. My first version Muffin World (also sfml 1.6) never had one. As you can imagine I went through tedious job lining my mouse up with the world, copying the x/y then writing it manually in the tile file.

I decided to go with a freeform placement, like 3D. No grids and no tiles. This presented many challenges but I overcame them.

I created the editor first, in a wysiwyg approach. Built directly into my game engine. Instead of writing two programs, If I place an object at x/y, I know and will see how it will be exactly if the level was being played.

Although I've only had a short while on the editor, I wrote from scratch many 'sub-systems' over the years between SFML 1.6 and 2.2, which of coarse made making this easier then ever.

I've also overhauled the graphical assets, which are now %100 mine. I'm aiming for more animated and lively art, then static.

Along with that, comes HD viewing. I made my 1.6 game, with 800x600 screen space in mind...my laptop wasn't very good. Not a pretty sight resizing the window to 1080p which kept the view at 800p and distorted.
Now, if you play @ 1080p, renders clean crisp 1080p. Or any resolution you set.

The Plan:

A platformer, movable platforms (Which I've never done before), networking for co-op for someone online, small puzzles, enemies, npc's you can buy weapons from and attack monsters. Lots of secreats.

Tech Side:

Using only SFML, otherwise everything written from scratch in C++


Gfy: https://gfycat.com/BreakableConstantDragonfly


Water: http://i.imgur.com/MbWupoC.gif
Switches: http://i.imgur.com/R2ucFxP.gif


Menu Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs0rfYTWbc0
Entities Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBOVVUpC2GE

Thank you for checking out my wip project :)

SFML projects / Tower Defense
« on: April 15, 2015, 08:47:26 pm »
Tower Defense.

Hello, this is my wip game using SFML. Using C++;

>How are you using sfml?

Everything. Input, window system, network packets, graphical sprites, music and sounds.

>Detailed description
(click to show/hide)

>Other Info
(click to show/hide)


Mouse to select buttons, WASD to move the camera. Select a unit on the sidebar, simply click to place it anywhere. Holding before clicking allows you to rotate the unit first.
Click a unit to select it, then you can see its fov, and status on the sidebar, where you can upgrade/repair(not done) etc..




http://www.mediafire.com/download/cz18g0u7pqjs9lc/TD+RA2.zip (22 MB)
sfmluploads......... (nullptr)

Thanks for checking this out. More features prolly on the way hopefully perhaps maybe.

SFML projects / Muffin World
« on: May 21, 2013, 08:59:24 pm »
Well since 2.0 has been 'officially' released, I might as well show off my old project I've been working on for 2 years now.
Its 1.6 so don't hate ;)

Muffin World Yea not original nor does it really have anything to do with muffins.
It's a 2D sidescroller, with ground and spikes and monsters and such. Or so I hope in the future of this.

So far there's only one level, but it has multiple parts and took quite some time to make. Mainly because I'm a single dude working on both the code and the graphics.
And this project only keeps getting bigger (I think its like 10,000 lines or so)

Some screenshots (Click the thumbnail to enlarge):

Fun little fact: This is my first game...because, well when your new you just want to jump into game programming and make games, despite nearly all the tutorials saying

"Don't rush, start out slow with a pong clone or something".
Meanwhile, after many trys and fails, different versions of Muffin World, and using SDL, I've switched to SFML and still continue my struggle on creating this large complex game with little experience :D

DL Link (30MB):

To be frank I've lost quite a bit of interest in this, mainly from lack of direction and the fact that each levels needs graphics and I'm a terrible graphics person :/
Oh and I find SFML far easier to work with then SDL.

Window / Window Transparency
« on: December 26, 2011, 08:51:38 am »

Tried searching, not much found.

Question: Does sfml 1-6 have a way/support to do window transparent images?
Or, 'window skinning' ?

I made a nice window frame + buttons for the top, thought I could handle everything code-wise by displaying an empty window frame and just making the size silently bigger then the actual size to fit the frame.

However the edges where the transparency would be, is all black.

So is this possible or should I just make it a square window?

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