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Feature requests / non-dll runtime library
« on: October 20, 2008, 09:58:01 pm »
Howdy there,

This is a bit of a long-shot request, and I'd totally understand if it gets a cursory 'pah, no chance'.

I'm personally not a big fan of using the 'DLL' version of the runtime library (for whatever reasons, i just prefer to package as much statically as possible to avoid peculiar incompatibilities/dependencies). I've not had any problem in getting it all built using the non-DLL version, but it's a bit of a ball-ache. Right now the only way I see of doing it is going through each of the six projects in the solution and ammending the appropriate flag (in both debug static and release static configurations). Not that big a deal, but annoying non-the-less.

Is there any chance this setup could be provided on top of the current configurations in the build solution? I can see it getting very annoying to do it every time an update comes along!

Like I said, I imagine it's far from anyone's priority, but it'd be a really nice and highly appreciated touch :)

[EDIT: Sorry, I really thought my browser was still in the feature requests forum! I deserve a smack for getting it wrong, I'm sure.. feel free to move it to the correct place, naturally  :shock: d'oh!]

General discussions / Morning there
« on: October 19, 2008, 01:33:00 pm »
Hallo, this is my first post on this forum; basically just saying a combination of "Hi" and "Thanks". I've been looking for a straightforward library to use for my spare-time game programming, and this is the first one that I've been genuinely impressed with.

As a full-time game coder, I use the company's engine tech day-to-day (which is lovely and well made, naturally :) ), but like to use something different when I get home. This is for a number of reasons; it gives me a little break, helps me to think in a different way about things (which helps back at work), and keeps me levelling up my EXP.
The problem til now though has been that, well - I only want to do 2D stuff really, and after work I'm not really in the mood to reinvent the wheel - especially for something so basic! For all the other libraries, it's always been a case of having to learn a lot about them before I can say "right, this is my 2D sprite-system strategy" and get going. Pah, I'm too tired!

But this is great; I can make use of the sprites right away, and have access to the other 3D gubbins too - basically, I can learn/use it in the order I want to, rather than the boring complimacationed way! I've managed to meet my goals in the first night of use (including successfully integrated another library I use which is normally a right pain in the arse).

So... Thanks! It's a wonderfully straightforward library. I look forward to following its development, and making use of it.

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