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Hey Guys, I've been around SMFL since 1.6 was released and it's the main reason I've stuck with c++ for all my programming needs.
Recently I've been looking a lot more into better Collision detection and finding a simple way to handle that where I can actually understand it instead of just using a random algorithm I found online and brute forcing it.

After 3 weeks trying to understand SAT (separating axis theorem) I stumbled upon a forum post saying.
"Hey look at the area of a triangle, then check a point on another triangle by creating 3 segmented triangles inside the original.
Get those 3 triangle's areas and add them up, if they equal the original triangle's area that point is within the triangle."
Which is really easy for me to visualize and work with.

 I figured I'd make a tutorial video explaining it which will hopefully help those with a lesser understanding in maths have awesome collision detection.

If you care to watch it on youtube the link's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvaczEyI0Ho

TL;DR: I made a tutorial on collision detection. Let me know what you think about the way I describe it in the video and if you liked it. Also feel free to let me know if that way of checking sucks, lol. kthxbye

Edit: I was trying to keep the tutorial as generic as possible since a lot of people looking for that sort of thing use many languages but my real code directly uses SFML and I'll likely feature SFML as the main part of future tutorials.

I'm a huge music guy so I'm wondering what you listen to while you program, if anything.  Vote above and maybe we can chat about cool bands we all listen to.  Maybe I'll get a chance to show off my collection that I have sitting in the drawer behind me.

Graphics / Transparent windows.
« on: October 22, 2012, 04:39:00 am »
so I'm trying to make my window transparent through the windows API while using sfml to display the graphics but this happens...

The functions I'm trying to use are:
and SetLayeredWindowAttributes(HANDLE, RGB(0,0,0), 200, LWA_ALPHA);

I'm not sure if SFML is just not compatable with these or if there's a better way to do this... I'm not that experience with the windows API it self is why I ask for help.

Edit: It seems to just be the SetLayeredWindowAttributes(); fuction that breaks things...

General discussions / Dev-C++?
« on: October 22, 2012, 03:41:50 am »
It may lack file managing and a good debugger but it's so lite and I've had nothing but good experiences with the IDE.
I'm Just wondering does anyone else is still using Dev-C++?

Edit: Okay to clearify I was talking about any version of Dev-C++ including the Orwell update (which is what I use.)
The only reason I wanted to ask was I know it's generally outdated since the last offical update was packed with Mingw 3.6 (I believe.)

SFML projects / EmuBoard (Controller Typing Program)
« on: October 22, 2012, 03:37:22 am »
So I have a computer with a video card which I can hook up to my old 40" CRT TV.
My original problem was I only have a early 90s keyboard with a PS/2 hook up and I've yet to see an extender for those.
I heard about the next Steam update not too long ago, the "Big Picture" mode, which includes an interface for typing with a controller.
As my friend was explaining it to me I thought of how that would be and started work on this program before really looking at Valve's interface.
Much to my surprise there's no support for XP (which is reasonable.)
That gave my program a purpose, since I won't be updating my OS until I get a new PC.
The only problem I've been having is designing a UI for my program.

TL;DR: I need some help designing the graphics of my program... here's some screenies of the program as of now...

I also have it forced to the bottom corner of the screen on top of everything (Thanks to 2.0 now having a way to get the system handle :P)
and BTW I'm using the Jewels theme for XP.

Edit: I updated the interface a little since I've been messing around with blender.
Edit2: Updated the program now has support for Hiding the window, a shift key and common punctuation.

Window / nvm a quick search answered my question.
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:00:03 am »
so I've been messing around with sfml 2.0 because I've seen it has a lot of features I could use for a program I'm working on.

I've come apon a question though, does the RenderWindow not count as a Window?
The reason I ask is that my program isn't properly updating the state of the joystick unless I use Joystick::update();
On the Documentation is says this only needs to be used if you don't currently have a window...

it should be included in the documentation of sf::Joystick that Update only needs to be used if there is no event loop... which I'm only missing due to testing 2.0.

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