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Hi guys,
I'm using SFMLs network library to send simple data packets to a single client. That part works flawlessly.

When my program starts it initializes and in the end waits for a client using TCPListener.accept() with a blocking socket. When I want to close the program (console application) via CTLR+C "something" happens (e.g. OpenCV closes the connection to the webcam etc.) but the process itself doesn't quit. I have to terminate it via task manager.

If I comment the listening part out the program stops at the end of the main function as planned, so it should be a problem with the blocking socket.

What I tried is setting the socket unblocking and polling every 50ms in a while loop using sf::sleep(). But that also prevents the process to quit completely. I'd be okay using a keypress inside the while to break the loop and let the program run to the end of main, but I don't know how, as there is no window to get any events / key presses and I didn't find a way to do non-blocking console I/O via C++.

Additional information:

Windows 8.1
SFML 2.2
Visual Studio 2013
Other used libraries: OpenCV, ArUco (AR marker tracking)

I start the process via the windows console command window.

General / Shared SFML Libs + Static Runtime Libs?
« on: January 03, 2014, 03:57:39 pm »
Hi guys,
I ran into the following problem.

I compiled SFML myself using MinGW Builds 4.8.1 and build shared libs. If I try to use them in my project and simultaneously try to use -static or -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++ my executable gets bigger by including libgcc and libstd++ (and pthreads on -static) but is still asking for the libgcc dll.

I think its because the SFML .dlls are linked dynamically to libstdc++ and libgcc. That didn't happen while I used TDM, probably because TDM linked libgcc/stdc++ statically although SFML_USE_STATIC_STD_LIBS was unchecked (as it has to be for shared sfml libs).

What did I do wrong? What can I change?


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