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D / problem when compiling derelict3 sfml2 wrong dll
« on: November 06, 2012, 07:16:20 pm »
 I'm trying to compile a program with the derelict3-sfml2-bindings. I use Mono-Develop, DMD-Compiler and Windows7 32-bit. I can compile the code without any errors, but when I try to run the program a command-window shows up with the message :

"Failed to load symbol sfWindow_setSize from shared library csfml-window-2.dll".

It appears that I have the wrong dll-Files in my app-directory. I have the dlls from the csfml-version2.0, from this site: http://www.sfml-dev.org/download.php.
Does anybody know where I can get the right dlls from.

Here is my Code :

module main;

import std.stdio;
import derelict.sfml2.window;
import derelict.sfml2.windowtypes;
import derelict.sfml2.windowfunctions;

void main(string[] args)

   sfVideoMode mode = {500,500,32};
   const char* title = std.string.toStringz("hello");
   sfWindow* window = sfWindow_create(mode, title, sfResize| sfClose, null);
   sfEvent event;
   while (sfWindow_isOpen(window))
         while (sfWindow_pollEvent(window, &event))
             if (event.type == sfEvtClosed)

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