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Window / Mouse Button retrive information
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:03:05 pm »

i want to find out if any Mousebutton is Down. Is there a more elegant way of doing it than this?
if(myMouse.isButtonPressed(sf::Mouse::Left) || myMouse.isButtonPressed(sf::Mouse::Right) || ...)  {

Graphics / SFML 2.0 and Custom Shape
« on: November 30, 2012, 01:57:49 pm »
Hi, i tried to implement a Custom Shape:

class Hexagon : public sf::Shape {
                        static std::vector<sf::Vector2f> m_Coordinates;
                        virtual unsigned int getPointCount() const {
                                return 6;

                        virtual sf::Vector2f getPoint(unsigned int index) const {
                                return m_Coordinates[index];

//In the Constructor
        if(m_Coordinates.empty()) {
                //More Details in image /Misc/hex_geometry.jpg
                const float s = 1.f;
                const float h = 0.5f;                   //sin(30°)
                const float r = 0.86602540f;    //cos(30°)

                m_Coordinates.push_back(sf::Vector2f(0.f, -s)); //Top
                m_Coordinates.push_back(sf::Vector2f( +r, -h)); //Top-Right
                m_Coordinates.push_back(sf::Vector2f( +r, +h)); //Bottom-Right
                m_Coordinates.push_back(sf::Vector2f(0.f, +s)); //Bottom
                m_Coordinates.push_back(sf::Vector2f( -r, +h)); //Bottom-Left
                m_Coordinates.push_back(sf::Vector2f( -r, -h)); //Top-Left

                Shape::scale(1000.f, 1000.f);
                Shape::setFillColor(sf::Color(255.f, 0.f, 0.f));
                Shape::setPosition(sf::Vector2f(200.f, 200.f));

but it won't appear if i use
Hexagon myShape;

i scaled it to 1000.f to be sure i can see it...

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