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General / Map Viewer
« on: June 12, 2011, 06:30:29 am »
So I am working on a tile map editor (taking a break from it now) here
and I wrote several useful things involving it

one of which is a viewer for my specialized map format.

I just rewrote that program in ruby for rbSFML and rbSFML runs it perfectly!

I am also posting the source code for it which is available here download

You need the latest commit of rbsfml in order to use this.

You can use this code to help out on your game.

SFML projects / Tilemap Editor (working title)
« on: December 12, 2009, 08:22:26 am »
Ok so here is a tilemap editor that I created for myself if you want to look at it or use it for your own purposes feel free too :) Also I need a good name for this obviously but I have yet to decide on it suggestions are welcome

Its written in C++ using wxWidgets for the GUI and good old SFML to render stuff onto a wxWidgets view.

Features and Planned Stuff
But here are all of the planned features bullets marked with an + are done, - are not done, and / are partially done Requirements and Features


Map With Collision Layer

Default Map

Zooming and Grid

The Program.

Base code to build a game using maps created with this program.

Other Stuff
There is a user manual with more information about the map formats!

Feedback and bug reports and feature requests are welcome!

Graphics / Weird problem with images
« on: April 12, 2009, 09:16:16 am »
Maybe I'm doing something wrong here (or I am going crazy) but my images are not displaying

but the problem is my "sprites" appear as white blocks on the screen the colors are there that is calling image.GetPixel(X, Y) doesn't even return a color thats close to white

So here are all of my source files stripped down to show the problem in action - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/TestImage.zip

Thanks for your time

General / Betatesting
« on: January 20, 2009, 03:13:09 am »
So I am almost ready to release RSMFL version 1.4 (RSFML since the name RubySFML is already taken by the previous author)

I have > 90% of SFML wrapped except the following classes: Drawable, PostFX, and the SoundBufferRecorder classes. Everything else is done (I am not doing the networking classes since Ruby already provides those).

The syntax is similar to that of SFML except with a ruby twist (ex. GetWidth() is just width). There are also a few minor changes to some of the classes Listener is now just Audio, etc.

I have the documentation up on here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/doc/index.html . At this time if there is something you don't like with something  tell me and we will work something out. I want the API to not be "annoying" because I've dealt with some that were I'm going for predictable and simple here.

If you want the source code to compile yourself get it here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/Temp/RSFML%20-%20src.zip It also includes the include files from CSFML. but you will need the dlls from CSFML to link with them csfml-blah.dll

If you want the precompiled source (only for Windows sorry) you can get that here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/Temp/RSFML.zip The source also includes two examples but they are nothing fancy.

This was only tested on ruby >= 1.8.6 I don't know if it will work on versions below this.
This was also only tested on Windows. I am working on testing this under linux.

If you want just the documentation you can get that here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/Temp/doc.zip

C / Possible bug with sprites and images?
« on: January 16, 2009, 11:24:05 pm »
I was testing out drawing sprites and I noticed if I call sfSprite_SetImage and pass NULL, then the sprites image is unchanged. was this intentional?

C / Wrapper for sf::Drawable ?
« on: January 16, 2009, 05:54:10 am »
Would this be hard to add in the C binding (for the purposes of wrapping it to another language)? (like first make a class that inherits from it and implements the abstract and then wrap those methods?)

if this isn't possible then don't worry about it. I will think of another way to go about it.

General / new ruby bindings (a work in progress)
« on: January 09, 2009, 07:15:50 am »
As I mentioned in this topic http://www.sfml-dev.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=811 I have been working on new bindings for ruby

This is the good news, the bad news (which may not matter as there is not much activity for ruby) is that my version will not be compatible with the version thats up now (I used different method names than he has).

I have already taken care of the release of SFML 1.4 which was released while I was working on this.

As for my progress I have all of the graphics and window classes wrapped (not all methods have been wrapped, but many of them are at this point). I will also provide documentation for all classes/constants/methods since they different from SFML slightly (they use Ruby conventions such as getter and setter= and query?)

Also I am rather picky about how I name methods and what arguments they accept I could use help in this department (because in the end you the reader may be using this) I have sample documentation hosted here - http://www.wg2140.com/users/trickster/doc/index.html . Note that this is outdated a bit and I haven't updated it (that is the new sfml 1.4 stuff is not on here).

Also there is testing that still needs to be done. I'm not saying I am an expert at C (but I am pretty darn good at it ;))and that my code is perfect, but I have eliminated all of the bugs I have seen so far and I have seen no bugs when I wrote test programs. I will post the source code when I am done wrapping the Audio stuff.

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