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Window / [Solved] RenderWindow - Stack Overflow
« on: August 28, 2013, 02:04:07 am »
Hey there,

I just made a little program using the sieve of Eratosthenes to create an image which show if a number is prime or not (just like that).

It works just fine, but if the size of the window is over 498*498. There's a stack overflow, the error is supposed to be on the 16th line (where I'm creating the window).

Using SFML 2.1, and working with Visual Studio 2012.

Here's the source code :
#include <SFML/Window/Event.hpp>
#include <SFML/Graphics/RenderWindow.hpp>
#include <SFML/Graphics/Image.hpp>
#include <SFML/Graphics/Texture.hpp>
#include <SFML/Graphics/Sprite.hpp>

#include <cmath>

#define WIDTH 500
#define HEIGHT 500
#define SCALE 1

int WinMain()
   sf::RenderWindow window(sf::VideoMode(WIDTH*SCALE, HEIGHT*SCALE), "Primes");

   sf::Event event;

   sf::Image image;
      image.create(WIDTH, HEIGHT);

   sf::Texture texture;
      texture.create(WIDTH, HEIGHT);

   sf::Sprite sprite;
      sprite.setScale(SCALE, SCALE);
   unsigned int numbers[MAX], primeBase = 2;
   // Initializing the array
   for(size_t i = 0 ; i < MAX ; ++i)
        numbers[i] = i+1;
   // Finding primes
   while(primeBase < sqrt(MAX))
      // Replacing non-primes by 0
      for(size_t i = primeBase ; i*primeBase <= MAX ; ++i)
         numbers[i*primeBase-1] = 0;

      // Changing the value of primeBase
      for(size_t i = primeBase ; i < MAX ; ++i)
         if(numbers[i] != 0)
            primeBase = numbers[i];
   // Creating the image
   for(size_t i = 0 ; i < MAX ; ++i)
      if(numbers[i] > 1)
         image.setPixel(i%WIDTH, i/WIDTH, sf::Color::Green);

   // Main loop
      // Event loop
         if(event.type == sf::Event::Closed)

      // Displaying the image

Thank you for the help. \o

SFML projects / [SFML Game Jam #1] Horton's Odyssey
« on: August 05, 2013, 08:44:46 pm »

Here's the game that piticroissant and me developped during this first SFML Game Jam about "Lights and Shadows". It's a platformer, mostly inspired by Super Meat Boy.

We used SFML 2.1 and Box2D to create the game. And for the moment it's not available on Linux, but Lo-X told me that it works fine with Wine.

We will improve the game, because there are a lot of things we couldn't add or change due to delays. So we'd like to know you remarks/bugs.

Download Horton's Odyssey (.7z - 5.48 Mo)
Source code of the game (.7z - 22.6 Ko)

Some screenshots:

We hope you'll like it. :D

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