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Window / Event KeyPressed and KeyReleased on KeyPress [Solved]
« on: August 26, 2014, 03:29:59 am »
Hey guys, wondering if you guys could help me test something real quick. With the following code whenever I issue a keyboard keyPress, the key fires off both a key press and a key release:

(click to show/hide)

You can view my test results here:

Just the output from the code above, as you can see, every keypress fires off a KeyPressed and a keyReleased

This is keyboard only as joystick works fine.

currently on commit: d73418261b5aed44861ea66faaa4ef3d2589fc6a (exploiters nightly, visual studio 2012 32 bit June 20th 2014)

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

General discussions / C++14!
« on: August 19, 2014, 01:52:50 am »
Thought I'd toss a link in here for everyone to see:

Exciting stuff, I'm interested to see if any of the new features will be making it into SFML 3.

Quick Edit: Thought I'd add this wikipedia page which has the New Features nicely summed up

//============= Update #5 Is here! ===================//
Another week and another few lines of code completed. Was a rather slow week due to prepping for my kiddos first days in school so not a whole lot of fun features were completed, but I'll give a rundown anyhow.

With the setup of some basic AI and collision completed I decided it was time to set up a proper entity manager and hierarchy system to manage the lifetimes of all my entities in each level. Entities consist of all persistent objects hanging around in the level. So far these only include characters, enemies, neutrals and summons, but later on I plan to add support for smashables/throwables as well.

With the basic setup now complete, going forward should be a breeze and it brings me one step closer to having a working demo of the first level complete. This actually leads me into some more design I hadn't planned for. How do I handle levels?

There are number of ways to I've considered doing this, although I havn't landed on one single decision yet.

-I've thought about using just massive levels, they tend to be simple, easy on the art and very easy to script. Player only goes forward and handles each event as they come. Also this tends to be much more resource heavy as I need to account for the entire level. (Think turtles in time, battletoads, etc)

-On the more dynamic side, I thought of doing each level as a series of 'rooms'. Although this does break immersion on outdoor levels, this greatly reduces the need for resources in memory as I can switch out what I need when loading that specific room. Also when it comes to scripting it would be a bit more difficult then massive levels, but still fairly easy.

-Of course there's always the idea of taking the previous two and mashing them together. Make it so outside is one long level and have branching rooms the player can go down. Increases complexity in almost every direction but adds more variety for the player.

-Branch away from only having a forward moving game, could I make the levels open explorable? Allow the player to walk back and forth, exploring their surroundings and looking for any secrets/alternative routes? At this point am I going too far down the road of scope creep and expecting too much for this game?

I still have a lot to decide, if you have any comments or ideas, don't be afraid to share. I always love hearing new ideas!

Meet two more new enemies for the first level. The SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and the White Knight!
Watch out! While they look relatively weak and harmless, these buggers tend to travel in packs and work in numbers. 1-2 might be no problem for any hero to handle, but should they call on for more help from supporters, their numbers can quickly escalate to unmanageable amounts.

General / Spine for SFML
« on: May 19, 2014, 11:05:36 pm »
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has worked with spine for sfml at all? If so I am wondering if you have set up callback functions at a class level? I've been going at it for a few days now and I can't seem to make much progress on it. My brain is fried.

Here is a thread I opened there: http://esotericsoftware.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2657&p=13016#p13016

Nate responds, which is awesome, but I'm not sure if I'm just gone complete braindead on it or not but ignore my 2nd post in it because I completely jumped the gun (I thought Lambdas were the solution, but apparently not).

If anyone has any nuggets of wisdom or anything I'd certainly appreciate it.

General / [Solved] weird pointer issue
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:18:08 am »
Recently for my project I made the switch from VS 2010 to VS 2012 to take advantage of some of the newer features it offers, but I've seem to run into an interesting issue I can't seem to figure out.

Currently right now I am trying to build the TextureHolder from the sfml game dev book
namespace Textures
        enum ID

class TextureHolder
        void Load(Textures::ID id, const std::string& filename);
        sf::Texture& Get(Textures::ID id);
        const sf::Texture& Get(Textures::ID id) const;

        std::map<Textures::ID, std::unique_ptr<sf::Texture>> mTextureMap;

Pretty Straight forward stuff. But on use I get this error:
error C2248: 'std::unique_ptr<_Ty>::unique_ptr' : cannot access private member declared in class 'std::unique_ptr<_Ty>.

So I investigated this little issue, which appears that the pairing of the std::map is trying to copy over the unique_ptr, which is illegal. I looked into this but couldn't find one single answer as to what was going on. Apparently the issue might be my compiler using old libs? I have tried full uninstalls/re-installs, full repairs, creating a new Empty Project and bringing in all my files individually - everything I can think of.

I've exhausted my resources so now I turn to all of you...  I hope one of you has an answer.
Also I would give you all a complete and minimal example, but I believe this to be a compiler issue... but I could be completely wrong, who knows.

SFML projects / Re:Volved, a game of evolution and other things
« on: March 25, 2013, 04:13:50 am »
Hi guys,

In my introductory post I spoke of working on transferring my current XNA game over to SFML and exploiter made an excellent comment about documenting the process. While detailing the entire process would be a long boring read I figured speaking about a couple of hiccups or issues I ran into here and there could be well worth noting.

As well as part of these posts ( I will probably try to give weekly updates), I will introduce some of the game as it becomes available. Currently since I am mid transfer I cannot showcase too much on it, however I can show off some of the concept art currently crawling it's way into the game. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks or so I can have a bare minimum combat area built for people to test and give some feedback :)

So here we have a few of the characters many evolution designs. These are still very early, however each evolution bases itself one of the games 4 major areas. These are: Forest, Mountain, Desert and Aquatic. Now these are the 'completed' forms and the player is by no means limited to the entirety of one form, the idea is for the player to play and use many of the different 'Body Parts' and construct a player that they like, using attacks and abilities they enjoy.

Feel free to ask any questions, I will try to add more content as the weeks progress.

General discussions / Hi Everyone!
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:19:39 pm »
Hi everyone! Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I have been using SFML off and on for a few years now and recently I decided to transfer my game over from XNA to SFML. I am still ramping up on 2.0, I used 1.6 in the past so ramping up on all the upgrades and changes while trying to do the transfer has been an interesting experience thus far. I have been really enjoying the simplicity and ease of use the library provides (hence the name I guess  ;) ) and look forward to delving even deeper into what SFML has to offer. Once I make some headway on my game I will be sure to throw up some screens and hopefully a demo over in the projects section as l'd love to see some feedback from the community.

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