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Window / Re: Menu shortcuts not working in fullscreen on OSX (master)
« on: January 29, 2014, 03:36:51 pm »
Ok, done.

Issue #527: https://github.com/SFML/SFML/issues/527

Thank you for letting me know the time schedule!

Window / Menu shortcuts not working in fullscreen on OSX (master)
« on: January 20, 2014, 10:39:37 am »

I'm currently using the latest dev snapshot of SFML from the git repository, since I noticed there had been some more work done there on the OSX port.

I understand I'm really on my own because of that, but I was hoping to get in contact with someone working on it.

One nice thing is that there is now a standard menu there with Quit etc, including shortcut Cmd-Q to quit.
This is nice, since it is a requirement to release your app on the app store.

Though, I noticed that when putting the window into fullscreen, these shortcuts no longer works!
I just get a "beep" when trying to press them.

I also can't catch them in the key event loop, I get the Cmd keypress, but when pressing Q, I only get the beep, no key event.

I'm wondering if this is a known problem, and why this happens? Some problem with responders?

I'm looking into using SFML as a base for porting our GL game to OSX, and am willing to help contribute with some debugging and implementation if needed.

Window / Bug in OSX SFOpenGLView.mm?
« on: December 20, 2013, 08:16:12 pm »
This isn't as much a help request, but a (possible) bug report.
I hope someone can tell me where to send it if this isn't the place :)

I've just started using SFML though, so not sure how to try to reproduce it, but I was looking through SFOpenGLView.mm.
(I was adding raw multitouch trackpad event support to it, needed by my project)

Then I saw this:
-(void)otherMouseDragged:(NSEvent *)theEvent
    if (m_requester != 0) {
        NSPoint loc = [self cursorPositionFromEvent:theEvent];

        // Make sure the point is inside the view.
        // (mouseEntered: and mouseExited: are not immediately called
        //  when the mouse is dragged. That would be too easy!)
        [self updateMouseState];
        if (m_mouseIsIn) {
            m_requester->mouseMovedAt(loc.x, loc.y);

    // If the event is not forwarded by mouseDragged or rightMouseDragged...
    sf::Mouse::Button button = [self mouseButtonFromEvent:theEvent];
    if (button != sf::Mouse::Left && button != sf::Mouse::Right) {
        // ... transmit to non-SFML responder
        [[self nextResponder] otherMouseUp:theEvent];

Shouldn't that forward to otherMouseDragged: and not to otherMouseUp?

Just wanted to let you know..

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