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Window / Re: [c++] give the Render-Window the Focus
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:47:16 pm »
But keep in mind, you're not alone! There have already been similar requests, e.g. here or here. Nobody however took their time to open a ticket on the issue tracker (as far as I know) - so feel free to do so.

Done!  ;)

Window / [c++] give the Render-Window the Focus
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:01:55 pm »

I create my RenderWindow in the Constructor of my CGame-Class, which instance is created after an Input of the lives, the players shall get.

Now, the Problem is, under Windows (no Problem under Linux <3 ) the new created RenderWindow looses the focus, right after it was created. Apparently because i used cin before, if i avoid the console-input, everything works fine.

#include "CGame.hpp"
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()

        int lifes=0;
                cout << "How much Lifes do all the players get? (1 to 20):";
                cin >> lifes;
                if (cin.fail() || cin.bad())
                        while (cin.get() != '\n');
                        cout << "Bad Input, my Dear" << endl;
                if (lifes < 1 || lifes > 20)
                        cout << "No Sir, wrong Number!" << endl;
        } while (badInput);

        CGame game(4, 2, lifes);


return 0;

CGame::CGame(int players, int humanPlayers, int lifes)
: _timePerFrame(sf::seconds(1.f/60.f))
, _window(sf::VideoMode::getDesktopMode(), "Kosmosgeballer beta - v0.1", sf::Style::Fullscreen)
, _view(sf::FloatRect(0.f,0.f,1920.f,1080.f))


    if ((_window.getSize().x / _window.getSize().y) <= (16.f/9.f))
        _view.setViewport(sf::FloatRect(0.f, ((_window.getSize().y/2.f)-((_window.getSize().x/(16.f/9.f))/2.f))/_window.getSize().y, 1.f, (_window.getSize().x/(16.f/9.f))/_window.getSize().y));
    else _view.setViewport(sf::FloatRect(((_window.getSize().x/2.f)-((_window.getSize().y*(16.f/9.f))/2.f))/_window.getSize().x, 0.f, (_window.getSize().y*(16.f/9.f))/_window.getSize().x, 1.f));

    for (int i=0; i<players; i++)
        _playerlist.emplace_back (_window, i, lifes);
        _playerlist.back().reset(_playerlist, 0);
        if (i >= humanPlayers) _mutterlist.emplace_back (i, _playerlist);

What can i do, to prevent the Window from loosing the focus or how can i give it back to it?

Thanks for your Help.

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