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General / How to shrink screen on iOS
« on: October 07, 2021, 01:14:48 pm »
iOS screen/window is cropped on multiple iOS devices. How do I shrink the screen/window on iOS? For example if I write the code:

sf::RenderWindow window;
window.create(sf::VideoMode(960, 540), "Title", sf::Style::Close);

I believe on IPhone 11 it will ignore the 960 x 540 that I specified and use 896 x 414 since when I call std::vector<sf::VideoMode> modes = sf::VideoMode::getFullscreenModes(); it returns back 896 x 414 and the window is cropped. I want to shrink the screen to fit 896 x 414. I don't want to use view.zoom() which I tried but it causes the text to be blurry. I tested the code on Android and I did not see any cropping issues.

I been looking at WindowImplUIKit::WindowImplUIKit in SFML/src/SFML/Window/iOS/WindowImplUIKit.mm
and I also looked at SFML/src/SFML/Window/iOS/SFView.mm. I am not familiar with Objective C so it has been difficult for me to understand what is going on.

Edit: I figured it out. If anyone wants to resize the window without using view.zoom() one can update [SFAppDelegate getInstance].backingScaleFactor in WindowImplUIKit::WindowImplUIKit in SFML/src/SFML/Window/iOS/WindowImplUIKit.mm

Audio / Re: sf::Music hangs the app with PhysFS
« on: August 30, 2021, 02:11:08 am »
I am facing the exact issue MrOnlineCoder is having. It works fine on Windows but on Android and MacOS the app hangs when switching to open a second song.

Edit: I did some debugging and noticed the onSeek(Time::Zero) in SoundStream::stop() was being called and it eventually calls PhysFsStream::seek and loops there forever for some reason. I removed the onSeek(Time::Zero) in SoundStream::stop() and now the app doesn't hang anymore on Android.

I am interested in getting shaders to work on Android and iOS. Does this also work on iOS or only Android?

SFML projects / Re: Jin Conception 2D Pixel Art JRPG
« on: January 14, 2021, 09:38:39 pm »
Very Nice!!

is all the animations done using pixel sprites or do you do some of them with shaders?

Most animations are done using pixel sprites. Some of the special effects are using shaders.

SFML projects / Jin Conception 2D Pixel Art JRPG
« on: January 14, 2021, 10:10:41 am »

I been working on Jin Conception. It's a 2D pixel art JRPG written in SFML. SFML has been a great library to use. Below is the trailer for the game.


The game is planned to be released on Steam this year. If you like what you see please wishlist us and follow us on social media.

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