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Window / Can't Send Mouse/Rectangle Coordinates to Function
« on: February 22, 2013, 06:36:55 pm »
I hope this is in the right forum.

I'm attempting to send the mouse position and a sprite position, as well as create a rectangle object with the sprite position in a member function on call, then produce movement from a mouse click when the rectangle is clicked on, but for some reason it won't accept the coordinates.

In int main() before loop
// Object creation
Warrior warrior;

// Mouse position
        float mPosX = sf::Mouse::getPosition(gameWindow).x,
                  mPosY = sf::Mouse::getPosition(gameWindow).y;

// Sprite position
        float warPos[4] = {
                  warrior.warrior.getGlobalBounds().height };

In class
// Class member function prototype
void moveWar(float Px, float Py, float Gx, float Gy, float Mx, float My);

// Class member function
void Warrior::moveWar(float Px, float Py, float Gx, float Gy, float Mx, float My)
        sf::IntRect warRect(Px, Py, Gx, Gy);
        if (sf::Mouse::isButtonPressed(sf::Mouse::Left) && warRect.contains(Mx, My))

In game loop
warrior.moveWar(warPos[0], warPos[1],
                                warPos[2], warPos[3],
                                mPosX, mPosY);

All directories and libraries are properly included where relevant. If I'm not providing enough information please let me know. I'm new to a lot of this; I'm using SFML for my second c++ course class project and so far it's helping me tremendously with learning the language, but I stumble at times with likely simple problems like these.

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