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Graphics / Re: Looking for 2D, non-native Widget-Framework
« on: June 16, 2013, 09:58:27 pm »
Hi and welcome :)

The most popular GUI libraries for SFML are SFGUI and TGUI (you should find them easily on this forum). You should also be able to use any GUI library based on OpenGL.

Unfortunatly, the current TGUI version cannot be built on my system. Using the install.sh causes several compiling errors. I don't want to fix them all by myself - this would take a long time (working into the code and fixing the mistakes). My try to build SFGUI via cmake caused cmake to stop, because it cannot find my SFML installation.

I installed SFML 2.0 from a PPA, because there is no SFML 2.0 package in the repository for Ubuntu 12.04. The PPA I am using is https://launchpad.net/~sonkun/+archive/sfml/+index?field.series_filter=precise

So, I don't know what to do, next :D Focusing on the API-style I most like the SFGUI-style, yet. Does anybody has an advice? Building an own widget framework might avoid all these problems, but won't be so great at all :D

I was also looking for some OpenGL-based frameworks. But they are based on SDL or an entire engine like Ogre3D - I did not found anything else, yet :(

Kind regards

Hi guys,

I started focusing on SFML. So I plan to migrate my Game Engine Project (some kind of multiplayer, isometric hack'n'slay roleplaying) by using SFML. And this means to migrate my networking framework from SDL to SFML.

I made this during today - including deals with the questions "how to install SFML2.0 on my ubuntu 12.04 via suitable PPA" and "how does networking works with SFML 2.0". Now my framework looks even clearer and hopefully more stable.

What's that framework about: It is a TCP-based Server-Client-Framework, based on SFML 2.0 and C++11, as the title already said. You can find the code my GitHub repository https://github.com/cgloeckner/networking - feel free to use, share and fork it. It's open source!

To avoid writing a large article, I'd just like to point out some features. You can find even more information in the README-file at the repository.

  • Multithreaded Server-Client architecture
  • TCP-based communication
  • Multi-Plattform by modern C++11 and SFML features
  • Limit number of clients (or keep open-end)
  • Block / Unlock clients based on their IP-address
  • Grouping clients to logical partitions
  • Easy-to-use: it's header-only!
  • Flexible: Use your own protocol workflow

I hope you like it. Feel free to comment on this framework (praise, criticism, questions etc.)

Finally I'd like to say: SFML is great! Today's absolute highlight was getting to know about sf::Packet - it's f*cking godlike ;)

Kind regards

Graphics / Re: Looking for 2D, non-native Widget-Framework
« on: June 15, 2013, 02:25:47 pm »
Wow, legendary Laurent himself  8)

Thanks for the welcome :D And thanks for the two possiblities. I will try both :)

Kind regards

Graphics / Looking for 2D, non-native Widget-Framework
« on: June 15, 2013, 02:12:41 pm »
Hey guys,

until know I was working with SDL, because I was focused on learning basics. By the time I built some stuff using SDL which is easily provided by SFML (e.g. Sprite class). Now I'm going to migrate my game project SFML 2.0, so I hope to make my code clearer, faster and even more powerful, because SFML seems to be a well-developed, "mighty" framework :)

I was writing some own widget classes based on SDL, yet. The main purpose of this process was learning and understanding how GUIs might work. I think I just got it, but my current solution seems "non-modern" to me. And because I am going to use SFML now, I am looking for some kind of framework providing widget classes (buttons, listboxes etc.) using SFML. I don't know "where to start". Googleing for "sfml widget library" offers me a huge set of libraries.

Can you advise such a widget library? I am looking for plain 2D widgets based on graphics. That meens I don't want to get "native styled" widgets (referring to the systems main gui toolkit). So I don't know where to start. Working "through" a huge set of possibilities seems too much work, so I am asking for some tips based on your exprience :)

By the way: If you ask yourself "what's that game project this guy is talking about": it's going to be a multiplayer hack'n'slay roleplaying game, based on a fixed isometric perspective like Diablo 1/2.

Because I am new to this forum, I maybe postet this in the wrong sub-section. In this case I apologize  ;)

King regards

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